‘More Indians should participate’


Ganesh Loke, candidate from Parramatta, says that though he is not a winner he is very happy with his achievement. Shveata Chandel Singh speak to him

You contested election for the first time, so how was your experience?

Despite contesting for the first time, I got a good percentage of votes and ranked just behind the Greens. It is a big achievement in itself that thousands of people have voted for our party. This is just the beginning.
After two or three months of campaigning we managed two seats and that is really good for a new party.

Can you share your thoughts about this election and the results with us?

The Liberals or Labor has been ruling the country for long, and nothing much has changed on the ground level. I think the only reason for Liberals coming to power was that people were after the change. People have many expectations from the Liberals, and we have hope they will live up to that.

Do you think the new government will mean a changed situation? If so, how?

I don’t think too much will change. Yes, there will be tough situations for the common man. Liberals have announced a budget curtailment, change in school kid’s bonus schemes and change in the health scheme as well, so I think the situation will become worse for the common man.

Do you think the Coalition is pro-migrant? If so, in what way?

The only thing Tony Abbott has spoken about is the 457 visas; other than that there is nothing much for the migrants. What they say they never do, so let’s see what they will do in the future.

What do you think the concerns of the Indian community?

The Indian community has grown tremendously in Australia in the past few years, and so have their concerns. The basic problem they face is the job insecurity and the safety of their people. Many cases of attacks on Indians go unreported. It is tough for the new migrants to find jobs here, so there should be something done to deal with it.

Do you think there should’ve been more Indian candidates in the election?

Yes, more Indian participation means that there will be more people to represent the Indian community as well.
More Indians should come forward and participate in elections, so the community will get a voice.

What you have to say about the performance of the Palmer United Front?

I want to congratulate our party leader Professor Clive Palmer, who has won from Fairfax. The party’s Senate candidate from Queensland has also won. It is big achievement as this party took shape only five months ago. After seeing the response of the public , I am sure that Palmer United Front will really flourish.

What you have to say about the Liberals?

I want to congratulate the Liberals on their victory and hope they keep their promises. If they don’t, I guess the people won’t elect them again.

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