‘People have acted wisely’


Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman, India Australia Strategic Alliance, tells Shveata Chandel Singh he is very happy with the Liberals coming to power.

He believes the Labor Party was bogged by internal issues including a change in leadership, which was not acceptable to the public.

What do you have to say about the elections and their results?

The election results are quite fair. There was need for change, and that is what has happened. Labor has not done anything for the welfare of the Australian people and the public was not happy. From the very beginning, the Liberals have worked for the welfare of Australia and the public knows it. Australia has progressed a lot under the Liberal Party’s rule, so I think it is a very wise decision.

How do you envision the change in situations with the new government taking over?

Liberals have always played an important role in the Australian development. There are so many policies of the Liberal party, which will help the people to a large extent.

Labor was having so many issues within the party. One leader taking over from the other, and proving their own leadership wrong – that is not the sign of a healthy party and healthy leadership. If there are so many internal issues inside the party, how can they concentrate on public issues?

Now as the Liberals are in power there will more jobs for people, boats full of asylum-seekers will be stopped, carbon tax will be abolished and so on. There are many small companies who are facing enormous problems due to carbon tax.

Do you think the Coalition is pro-migrant?

Yes. When the Liberals were in power, the immigration policies were good. Indians came to Australia in large numbers on skilled visas and contributed to the Australian economy.

Even Tony Abbott has acknowledged that the Indians who came on 457 visas are an asset to Australia as they start working from the day they land.

What do you think were the concerns of the Indian community?

Every community has different concerns and as far as Indians are concerned there are immigration issues, issues of the elderly people coming to Australia and so on.

Indians know that the Liberal government is pro-Indian and that was the reason they voted them in. We are hopeful that the condition will soon be more favorable for Indian migrants.

Do you think there should’ve been more Indian candidates in the election?
Yes, there needs to be more participation from the community.

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