Darebin takes Melbourne to Bollywood and beyond this Sept


In a unique and ground-breaking project, a first for the Darebin Music Feast, and Australia, Tihai3 presents a Bollywood retrospective at the Darebin Music Feast 2013.

Tihai3 have teamed up with musicians from the Preston Symphony Orchestra to present a concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema, with a showcase performance of music from over 100 years of film.
Tihai3 will begin the evening with live accompaniment to surviving footage from the silent film Raja Harish Chandra (1913) by the pioneer of Indian cinema, Dadasaheb Phalke.

Rising stars, brother and sister duo Sam and Keshav, will captivate the audience with film songs from the 1950s to present, to the accompaniment of a 20-piece ensemble.

Tihai3 is known to Melbourne audiences for their performances of Hindustani classical music. Tabla player Girish Makwana, Sabyasatchi Bhattacharya on the sarod, and Nicolas Buff on the saxophone have immersed themselves in the classical music traditions of Northern India.

Sabyasatchi is also trained in western guitar. Nicolas completed his degree in western music after taking up a scholarship to study in India. His ragas on saxophone offer the group a particularly unusual element. Girish studied western music in Sydney before coming to Melbourne. For the past six years, they have presented elegant and beautiful concerts of Indian music for Darebin Music Feast. They have collaborated with well known artists from different, complementary, genres, including various North South Indian singer and cellist, Emma Ayers.

This year’s concert, which involves a major collaboration with members of the Preston Symphony Orchestra, is the realisation of a plan that has been slowly percolating for the past three years. Tihai3’s transcriptions of the Bollywood soundtracks give Western musicians a chance to acquaint themselves with and perform that music. This new collaboration is a very exciting cross cultural art project. In addition, it provides a marvellous showcase opportunity for young singers, brother and sister duo Sam and Keshav to perform before a new audience.

Founded in 1950, Preston Symphony Orchestra in the City of Darebin plays an annual program of western classical music. They group also runs an annual Youth Concerto Competition, designed to give young musicians an opportunity to play with a symphony orchestra. Mario Dobernig, the current conductor, is a highly acclaimed Austrian percussionist and conductor and a specialist in avant garde music.

Bollywood and Beyond — Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema, featuring Tihai3 and musicians from Preston Symphony Orchestra, will be held on Saturday, 28 September at 8pm at the Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote.
For information, interviews etc.therese@boite.com.au 9417 3550; 0427 773 553; bookings:www.northcotetownhall.com.au This event is supported by the City of Darebin and The Boite www.tihai3.com.

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