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The tryst with destiny. Poornima Koonath on why despite seven decades of Independence, 15 August stills sparks feelings of pride, nostalgia and fascination

The tryst with destiny

Poornima Koonath on why despite seven decades of Independence, 15 August stills sparks feelings of pride, nostalgia and fascination August 15 is a red-letter day...


Teej For Us—Joy, colour and happiness galore

Teejko Bela Sabai Janchhan Maaita—the song is evergreen and so is this women’s festival of gathering and socialising. Women dance to the nostalgic songs...

Two countries, one spirit


Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO—OLX India at IEC Awards 2017 on 18th November 2017

The OLX factor

He turned OLX India into the largest online classifieds marketplace in the country with his vision, and mantra “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Amarjit Singh Batra,...


The challenge of buying a first home

When building, the choices are endless. They key is not to get carried away When building your first home you have to take stock of...

Green & Gold

Flights of fancy

Kathie Baker floats across the Yarra Valley in a basket of dreams As a little girl—I wished I could fly. Sometimes I dreamed I could....

The Gig Guide

Pushing boundaries

High profile acts take a risk at Melbourne Fringe 2017 Melbourne Fringe, Australia’s largest independent arts festival, is loved by audiences and artists alike for...


On a viral spiral

Jawid Sharif becomes the undisputed king of Afghan pop after his single ‘Yak Qadam Pesh, Yak Qadam Pas’ crosses one million views on YouTube The...


India, Australia, and a parade of culture

Sant Nirankari Mission in collaboration with Ramon Helps Inc takes ‘World Without Walls’ message to the streets 26 January—it’s definitely a day that brings out the...

Sawan song




The world in my lens

English escapes


Journey of dreams


Shekar Mani Saravanaa Bhavan

Princely south Indian tiffin, now on Kings Street

Value meals served at speeds that value your time You think good authentic South Indian tiffin and you think Saravanaa Bhavan. I recall my excitement...

Anjappar opens in Rowville, Melbourne

Restaurant chain specialising in Chettinad food opens in Melbourne. Second outlet in Australia Anjappar is one restaurant that every foodie in Australia must try out....


Cricket Australia, Lord’s Taverners Australia launch ‘Sporting Chance’ Fund

Money raised to help grow sport among girls and women, multicultural communities, Indigenous Australians, and people with a disability Cricket Australia and Lord’s Taverners Australia...

Health & Lifestyle

The Yarn