Greater Springfield Indian Association celebrates Yoga Day

By Our Reporter
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The Greater Springfield Indian Association Inc. (GSIA) hosted a vibrant celebration for International Yoga Day at the Springfield Central Libraries today. The event saw a fantastic turnout from the local community, all eager to embrace the benefits of yoga and wellness.

The highlight of the day was the yoga session led by renowned instructors Jyothiba Patil and Hinduja Ji from Springfield Lakes. Their guidance and expertise provided participants with an enriching experience, promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

In his opening address, GSIA President Mukesh Dubey delivered an inspiring message on the importance of yoga. He emphasised its role in fostering a balanced and healthy lifestyle and how such events strengthen community bonds. Dubey encouraged everyone to integrate yoga principles into their daily lives for ongoing wellness.

The success of the event was also attributed to the generous sponsors, whose support made the day possible. Their contributions underscored the community’s commitment to promoting health and peace.

The celebration concluded with heartfelt thanks to all participants and organisers. The GSIA looks forward to continuing this tradition, nurturing health, and harmony within the community.

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