Cricket Australia CEO hints at epic India-Pakistan tri-series

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Cricket Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Hockley, has hinted at the potential for a groundbreaking tri-series involving cricketing giants India and Pakistan. Speaking during an online press conference, Hockley expressed excitement and anticipation surrounding matches between these traditional rivals.

“Pakistan and India are traditional rival teams; there is a lot of excitement for their matches,” Hockley said.

While no formal discussions have been initiated, Hockley emphasised Cricket Australia’s openness to facilitating such events. “To the extent that we’d be able to facilitate or help in that, we’d be very open to do so. However, the final decision rests with the respective cricket boards of India and Pakistan,” he added.

Cricket Australia’s Multicultural Action Plan has received overwhelming support from diverse ambassadors, including prominent figures from sports, media, and business. CEO Nick Hockley highlighted the enthusiastic response from the 57 multicultural ambassadors, who have shown a deep passion for the game and its positive impact on communities.

“The main thing is that each of the ambassadors have a very deep passion for the game, but more importantly, they have a deep passion for the positive impact that cricket can have,” Hockley remarked.

The initiative, which began during the T20 World Cup in 2020, aims to inspire young people to take up the sport and build stronger community connections. Hockley indicated plans to expand the program, with opportunities for new ambassadors to join in the coming years.

Considering Afghanistan’s remarkable win against Australia, Hockley congratulated the Afghan team for their exceptional performance. He acknowledged the challenges faced by Afghan cricketers, particularly regarding human rights issues affecting women’s cricket in the country.

“We absolutely want to see cricket grow and thrive all around the world for women and men,” Hockley said.

Hockley also expressed hope for future progress that would allow for the resumption of bilateral cricket between Australia and Afghanistan. Despite current restrictions, Cricket Australia maintains close communication with the Afghanistan Cricket Board and remains committed to supporting the growth of the sport in Afghanistan.

During the press conference, Hockley addressed questions regarding support for Afghan women’s cricket. He noted that several Afghan women cricketers residing in Australia are actively engaged in local cricket clubs, thanks to the support of the Australian cricketing community.

Hockley emphasised Cricket Australia’s commitment to advocating for women’s cricket and expressed hope for positive changes that would allow Afghan women to participate more fully in the sport.

“The ongoing dialogue with the Afghanistan Cricket Board aims to encourage the development of women’s cricket in Afghanistan, despite current political and social challenges,” Hockley stated.

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