Northern Territory pushes for more international students

By Our Reporter
More than 30 international education providers based in the Territory including Charles Darwin University (CDU), Alana Kay College and Latitude College attended an industry forum on 15 June with presentations from Australia’s leading international education industry professionals // Representational Photo

The Northern Territory is actively working to attract more international students to study in the region. On 16 June 2024, over 30 international education providers, including Charles Darwin University (CDU), Alana Kay College, and Latitude College, attended an industry forum at the Vibe Waterfront. The forum featured presentations from top professionals in Australia’s international education industry, including the International Education Association of Australia, IDP International Education Specialists, Koala News Department of Home Affairs, Austrade for Japan, and Atomic 212.

The event was not just a networking opportunity but also a platform to discuss emerging market insights, student perceptions, and satisfaction with Australia as a study destination. Earlier this month, the Territory welcomed 15 international education agents from around the globe to meet with local education and training providers and experience the Territory lifestyle firsthand. These agents play a crucial role in recruiting up to 75% of all international students into Australia, including those from key markets like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, China, and Latin America.

We will keep lobbying our Federal Government friends against any cap to international students to ensure the Territory can continue to attract more students to study here in the: Bowden

Currently, the Northern Territory hosts approximately 5,000 international students from over 70 nationalities. The Lawler Labor Government has taken a proactive stance by writing to the Federal Government, advocating for the Northern Territory to be exempt from any potential caps on international student numbers imposed on other parts of Australia.

International students are seen as a valuable asset, contributing to the Territory’s cultural, social, and economic fabric while bringing diversity to the community and skills to the workforce. The government’s goal is to grow the international student cohort to 10,000 by 2030.

Minister for Skills, Training and International Education, Joel Bowden, emphasised the importance of the Territory’s efforts: “The Territory’s international education and training providers work hard to attract international students to choose the Territory for their studies so it’s important to be up to date with the latest news, insights and trends influencing the sector. We will keep lobbying our Federal Government friends against any cap to international students to ensure the Territory can continue to attract more students to study here in the NT. The Lawler Labor Government is committed to growing our international student cohort to 10,000 by 2030.”

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