McGrath’s double strike: Cricket legend honoured for cancer crusade

By Our Reporter
Glenn McGrath

Cricket Australia extends its heartfelt congratulations to Glenn McGrath AM, who has been recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours List 2024 for his outstanding contributions to community health and cricket.

McGrath, renowned for his remarkable cricketing career, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his tireless work with the McGrath Foundation. Since its inception in 2005, the Foundation has raised funds for 223 breast care nurses, providing crucial support to 137,000 families across Australia. A significant part of this achievement includes the 2024 NRMA Insurance Pink Test Match, which alone raised over $6 million, funding 47 McGrath Breast Care Nurses for a year.

His citation highlights his “distinguished service to community health through breast cancer support, and to cricket as an international coach.” This recognition follows his 2008 appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia for his contributions to cricket and his foundational work with the McGrath Foundation.

Cricket Australia also celebrated the honours bestowed upon others for their community contributions, particularly in cricket. Raymond Steele was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia, and Paul McCann received a Medal of the Order of Australia, both cited for their dedication to the sport.

Nick Hockley, CEO of Cricket Australia, expressed his admiration, stating, “Congratulations to Glenn on this richly deserved recognition for the positive impact he has created through the McGrath Foundation. Glenn has done an amazing job in honouring his late wife Jane’s memory by ensuring thousands of Australians now have easier access to breast cancer nursing care.

“We are extremely proud to partner with the McGrath Foundation each year at the Pink Test and are indebted to the hard work and passion that Glenn and his incredible team at the McGrath Foundation bring to this wonderful cause, and to cricket.”

Hockley also extended his congratulations to others honoured, noting, “Volunteers are the heartbeat of the game, and we are indebted for your service to cricket.”

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