Tuna tales: Anglers’ long weekend adventure

By Our Reporter

Anglers are gearing up for an exciting long weekend in Victoria’s south-west, drawn by the promise of a bountiful catch of southern bluefin tuna. The recent surge in tuna activity along the coast has fishing enthusiasts, both local and visiting, buzzing with anticipation.

Victorian Fisheries Authority CEO Travis Dowling highlighted the enthusiasm surrounding the current fishing conditions. Reports of numerous anglers successfully landing tuna have created a perfect backdrop for an adventurous long weekend offshore.

“Tuna fishing is a thrilling challenge, even for the most seasoned anglers, with some specimens exceeding 100 kilograms,” said Dowling. “Not only are they a joy to catch, but they also make for a delicious meal, prized as a delicacy in Victoria.”

The coastline, stretching from Portland to the outskirts of Melbourne, offers world-class game fishing opportunities. Dowling noted that Fisheries Officers stationed at Apollo Bay, Warrnambool, and Portland would be active over the weekend to ensure compliance with regulations and promote safe fishing practices.

“Our officers will ensure that recreational fishers and charter boat clients adhere to the daily bag limit of two tuna per person and the statewide possession limit of 160 kilograms. We’re also providing tips on how to best preserve the quality of tuna for the table,” Dowling explained. “Safety is paramount when heading offshore, so having the right gear and conducting pre-trip checks are essential.”

As the long weekend unfolds, freshwater fishers have their sights set on the Murray spiny crayfish, with the season now open north of the Great Dividing Range. This weekend also marks the last chance to catch trout in many rivers and streams before the annual closed season begins on Tuesday, 11 June, and runs until Friday, 6 September. During this period, wild trout spawn in flowing rivers, creeks, and streams. However, lakes such as Purrumbete, Eildon Pondage, and Blue Rock Dam remain open for trout fishing all year round.

For those diving for rock lobster, it’s crucial to remember that only male lobsters can be taken until the season closure on 15 September to protect the breeding females.

To stay informed on bag and size limits, closed season dates, and other fishing regulations, anglers are encouraged to download the free VicFishing smartphone app, visit www.vfa.vic.gov.au/fishingguide, or pick up a copy of the Recreational Fishing Guide from local tackle shops.

This long weekend promises a blend of adventure and relaxation for anglers, with the lure of southern bluefin tuna making it an unforgettable experience for all.

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