Australia cancels 30 visas over the past week

By Our Reporter
Andrew Giles, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs // Pic source

In a significant move to protect community safety, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs Andrew Giles announced the cancellation of 30 visas over the past week. These cancellations targeted non-citizens with serious criminal histories, reflecting the government’s commitment to acting in the national interest.

“It is clear that the AAT’s decision to reinstate these visas did not meet community expectations, and Ministerial Direction 99 has not been working as the Government intended,” Giiles said.

The decision comes in response to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) reinstating visas that did not align with community expectations. Minister Giles emphasised that Ministerial Direction 99 has not been effective as intended, prompting an imminent overhaul of the regime. The government plans to implement a new direction before the end of the week.

Giles also addressed recent statements made during an interview on Sky News about Operation AEGIS. He clarified that the operation uses a range of technologies, including aerial open-source imagery, rather than solely relying on drones. This operation collaborates with state and territory law enforcement agencies to monitor and support community safety.

“As part of the work monitoring and supporting community safety, Operation AEGIS draws on information from a range of sources using different technologies including aerial open-source and other imagery through their work with state and territory law enforcement bodies.”

The government has imposed strict visa conditions on individuals in the NZYQ cohort, who were released following a High Court decision. These conditions include electronic monitoring, curfews, financial reporting, spot checks, random home visits, and other mandatory measures to ensure their locations are always known.

Minister Giles reiterated the government’s unwavering priority on community safety, assuring Australians that the government will continue to take decisive action to protect its citizens.

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