Melbourne charity seeks help amid homelessness surge

By Our Reporter
The Good Box volunteer distributing care packages to the homeless and needy // Screengrab from Youtube video courtesy: The Good Box

As winter tightens its icy grip on Melbourne and the cost of living escalates, a local charity is grappling with a surge in homelessness. The Good Box (TGB), renowned for its care packages filled with essentials and hope, is bursting at the seams and urgently needs a larger space to continue its crucial work.

Recent statistics paint a bleak picture: one in 200 Australians are currently homeless, with a projected 9% increase expected in 2024. For individuals like Keith*, who has been pushed into homelessness by the cost-of-living crisis, the support provided by The Good Box is a lifeline.

“All the items in the box are great, but especially the baked beans. I just love baked beans,” Keith shared, highlighting the simple joys often overlooked. “Sometimes people give us food that is out of date, but where is the dignity in that? Thank you for giving us all new products.”

Unfortunately, the charity’s current space limitations are forcing them to turn away donations and, tragically, those in need. “This winter, we are seeing an unprecedented level of need, and our limited space is preventing us from providing crucial support to everyone who requires it,” said Gali Blacher, Co-founder of TGB. “We are urgently appealing to the community to help us secure a larger operating area so we can continue our mission effectively.”

To address this pressing need, TGB is launching the Winter Warrior Campaign, featuring a 24-hour Giving Day on June 16th, 2024. The goal is to raise $85,000 for a new, more suitable space. Every donation, big or small, will directly impact the lives of vulnerable Australians this winter.

The Good Box is an Australian charity and social enterprise dedicated to restoring dignity to those experiencing homelessness. They provide beautifully packaged gift boxes filled with quality essentials and handwritten notes of hope, distributed through various charity partners nationwide.

As the winter chill sets in, the call to support those in need grows ever more urgent. Join the fight against homelessness this winter by contributing to The Good Box’s Winter Warrior Campaign. Your support can help provide a warm, safe space and essential items for those who need it most.

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