Honouring mothers: Embracing challenges and celebrating heritage

By Nick Attam

Mother’s Day offers us a chance to celebrate and appreciate the women who play such a vital role in our lives—our mothers. These remarkable women not only bear and nurture us but also shape our early understanding with wisdom and affection. From birth, they teach us the virtues of humanity and morality, setting the foundation for our future.

The journey of motherhood, particularly for those raising children in a new country, is both rewarding and demanding. As one mother expressed, “The day I became a mother, I realised it’s no longer about me. It’s about him.” This change, where self-focus shifts towards the needs of a child, can be profound, often demanding a balance between one’s cultural roots and adapting to new surroundings.

Mothers raising children abroad face distinct challenges. They strive to help their children recognise their heritage while also teaching them to adapt to the local culture. A mother explained her method of connecting her children with their cultural background: “I believe culture starts at home. Therefore, I observe significant days according to the Hindu calendar, uphold rituals, and prepare traditional dishes. On festival days, we dress in traditional attire, visit the temple, and engage in family meals where we discuss our values and traditions.”

These efforts are vital not only for preserving traditions but also for fostering a sense of belonging and identity in their children. In this vital process, mothers act as bridges between cultures, ensuring their children appreciate and respect their origins while adapting to the diversity around them.

This Mother’s Day, we recognise the sacrifices all mothers make. They tirelessly work to provide a nurturing home, instil core values, and lay a robust foundation for their children’s futures. This occasion is a moment to acknowledge not just the significant sacrifices but also the myriad small acts of love and care that mothers contribute every day.

To all mothers everywhere, we extend our gratitude for your resilience, your patience, and your boundless love. We see you, we value you, and we honour you. Wishing you a joyful Mother’s Day!

Bharvi Gaurav Patel

Bharvi Gaurav Patel: Celebrating the Heart and Harmony of Motherhood

Bharvi Gaurav Patel from Townsville eloquently captures the spirit of motherhood in her poignant reflections for Mother’s Day. Bharvi describes the upbringing of her son as a path marked by both delight and challenges, with every experience teaching a valuable lesson. Her son, she remarks, is a cherished blessing who has profoundly transformed her family’s life.

Navigating motherhood was not always straightforward, particularly during the initial period when her son was born prematurely. Bharvi warmly recalls the essential support she received from her family and friends during these challenging times. The advice and encouragement from her own mother were particularly significant, offering the strength and insight she needed to manage sleepless nights and days filled with uncertainty.

“My mother is my inspiration and lifeline,” Bharvi reveals, acknowledging the significant impact her mother has made on her life. “She shaped me into the mother I am today.” The initial trials of balancing work, childcare, and home life were significant, yet with her family’s support, Bharvi discovered a harmonious rhythm. She found joy in integrating her hobbies with her son’s activities, fostering a special bond through shared play, creativity, and discovery.

Bharvi Gaurav Patel with her mother

As her son matured, the connection between them grew stronger. Their time spent playing games, exchanging stories, or sharing secrets late into the night became foundational to their relationship. Despite the fatigue and sacrifices, Bharvi treasures each moment. “These times, even the challenging ones, are priceless,” she expresses.

To new or expecting mothers, Bharvi offers enduring advice: “Trust your instincts, because no one understands your child as you do.” She encourages mothers to adhere to their inner guidance, ensuring they and their children thrive, and to confidently and lovingly embrace the wonderful journey of motherhood.

This Mother’s Day, Bharvi’s reflections remind us that motherhood is an ever-evolving adventure, filled with obstacles and triumphs. It’s about valuing the moments that matter and finding happiness in the small things. For Bharvi, it is the quiet whispers and intimate moments with her son that make everything worthwhile.

Bhumi Patel with son Aarya

Bhumi Patel: A Journey of Culture and Connection

Mother’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and honour the most pivotal person in our lives—our mummy. Bhumi Patel, a dedicated mother and active community member, shares her reflections on this significant day and the profound impact of motherhood. She discusses the deep affection we hold for our mothers, who nurtured us from the womb, sustained us, and served as our earliest mentors, instilling lessons in humanity and morality.

Bhumi recalls the transformative moment she embraced motherhood. “The day I became a mother, I realised it wasn’t about me anymore. It’s about him,” she states, reflecting on her son’s influence. The shift from self to child is a transformative journey filled with both joy and challenges.

Raising children in a foreign country introduces distinct challenges. Bhumi notes, “We are constantly striving to help our children understand their heritage while also helping them to navigate the culture in which they are raised.” This delicate balance demands patience, creativity, and a strong connection to one’s cultural roots.

Bhumi is a proponent of the idea that culture begins at home. She lives this belief by observing significant days according to the Hindu calendar, engaging in traditional rituals, preparing special dishes, and dressing in traditional attire. “We visit the temple with our children, participate in festival celebrations, and dine together as a family,” she explains. These occasions allow for the sharing of stories and the transmission of values.

Despite the obstacles associated with nurturing children away from her native land, Bhumi remains dedicated to preserving her cultural heritage. She aspires for her children to grow up with a robust sense of identity and belonging by embracing her traditions.

Bhumi Patel with Mother and son Aarya

Dr. Raghu’s Reflections: A Time for Gratitude and Appreciation

For Dr. Raghu, Mother’s Day transcends its status as merely a date on the calendar. It represents a moment to ponder the substantial influence his mother has exerted on his life and on his brother’s life. This day offers an opportunity to express genuine gratitude for the myriad roles she has fulfilled and to acknowledge the endless support she has provided to her children.

Maheshwari Rao: A Tribute to Love and Sacrifice

To my mum, as the sun sets on this poignant day, I send my love to the heavens. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. Your essence permeates the quiet moments, and your blessings imbue my heart with warmth. I hope you are encircled by the beauty you bestowed upon us. I miss you every day. I wish we could spend Mother’s Day together. Please know that today, and every day, I am profoundly thankful for everything you did for me. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day, mummy. 🥰🙏🏽

As a Mother

Becoming a mother has endowed me with greater confidence than ever before. It is the role I approach with utmost seriousness in my life, and it is undoubtedly the most demanding. As a mother, solitude in your thoughts is a rare luxury—you invariably consider everything twice: once for yourself and once for your child. When I embraced motherhood for the first time, my heart was imbued with a new, potent, incredible love.

Sunitha Attam with kids Sai, Ayaansh
My Challenge

Being a mum is a relentless pursuit. It involves hard work, occasional pain, and offers no respite, no sick days, nor vacation days. It is a role laden with immense responsibilities yet also filled with incredible rewards. Motherhood is akin to possessing a superpower, and although we dedicate our lives to our children, I wouldn’t choose any other path.

Closing Reflection

This collection of reflections showcases the profound and diverse experiences of motherhood, from the challenges and commitments to the immense joys and enduring love. Each story is a testament to the strength and devotion of mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day to all the inspiring mothers—your love shapes the world.

Poonam’s Insights: Embracing Challenges with Love and Resilience

Motherhood is equally rewarding and challenging. Poonam is intimately acquainted with the mental, physical, and emotional demands of being a mum. “Being a mum is amazing, but it comes with its own set of challenges,” she states.

Juggling the roles of caregiver, teacher, and friend, Poonam delights in the small moments—such as bedtime stories and shared laughter—that compensate for the sleepless nights and ongoing concerns. “These moments are what make it all worthwhile,” she asserts.

Motherhood necessitates continuous learning and adjustment, with each phase of a child’s development presenting fresh challenges. Despite the fluctuations, Poonam experiences an ever-strengthening bond with her child. “The love between a mother and her child is unparalleled,” she remarks.

Sunitha Attam with kids Sai, Ayaansh

On Mother’s Day, Poonam’s experiences serve as a reminder that motherhood is a voyage marked by love and resilience. Challenges are confronted with determination, and each moment is valued.

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! Your strength and commitment are truly inspirational.

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