Parramatta unveils green gateway: A fresh look at Civic Link

By Our Reporter

Parramatta is set to witness a transformation with the unveiling of plans for the Civic Link project, a grand pedestrian promenade that promises to rejuvenate the city’s core. With a budget of $21 million, this ambitious initiative aims to connect the bustling Parramatta CBD to the serene riverside, creating a vibrant corridor filled with greenery, leisure spaces, and enhanced pedestrian pathways.

Spanning from George Street to Phillip Street along Horwood Place, Civic Link aspires to be more than a mere passageway. It’s envisioned as a green spine, featuring an array of new trees and garden plantings that offer both shade and pockets of nature for the public to explore. The design includes a unique ribbon of mixed-use seating and activations, creating a dynamic environment where people can meet, engage, and play. Furthermore, the project plans to widen existing pedestrian footpaths into generous boulevards and establish accessible east-west bridges across the gardens, fostering immersive green spaces within the urban landscape.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Pierre Esber highlighted the significance of Civic Link in transforming the city’s heart. According to Cr Esber, the project symbolises a vibrant spine that seamlessly connects the community with transport networks, cycleways, and key destinations like Parramatta Square and the Powerhouse Museum. He emphasised the role of public spaces in bringing together workers, visitors, and residents to celebrate culture, enjoy nature, and partake in social gatherings. With Parramatta Square already attracting 365,000 visitors each month, the potential of Civic Link as a social precinct and event space is palpable.

Reflecting Parramatta’s intrinsic connection to the river, the concept design incorporates innovative solutions for managing local run-off. These include directing stormwater to treatment areas within the gardens, enhancing both water quality and stormwater management. Additionally, the project will introduce a suite of modern infrastructure, such as integrated lighting, CCTV, environmental sensors, dynamic signage, public WIFI, and recharge points, ensuring safety and convenience for the community.

The public exhibition of the Civic Link plans marks the beginning of a broader dialogue with the community. Following this, further consultation will take place before finalising the design. The initiative has already secured $10.5 million in funding from the NSW Government through the Accelerated Infrastructure Fund, with completion slated for 2026.

As Parramatta embarks on this transformative journey with Civic Link, the project stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to creating accessible, sustainable, and vibrant urban spaces. It not only enhances the city’s landscape but also strengthens the community’s connection to its cultural and natural heritage, paving the way for a more interconnected and dynamic Parramatta.

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