Global Week 2024: Chitkara University fosters international collaboration

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Australian and Indian universities have stepped into another realm in exchanging knowledge.

Chitkara University, renowned for its commitment to fostering global partnerships and promoting excellence in international education, successfully concluded the 14th Global Week 2024. The week-long event brought together educators from around the world to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and address pressing challenges facing the education sector.

Dr Harpreet Singh Kandra, Senior Lecturer at Federation University, Australia, drew eager minds to engage in a symphony of ideas, innovation, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Kandra’s expertise and insights enriched the dialogue on key topics such as innovative teaching methodologies, technology integration in education, and the importance of international cooperation in addressing global educational issues.

Dr Harpreet Singh Kandra, Senior Lecturer at Federation University at the Global Week 2024, Chitkara University

Speaking about his experience at the 14th Global Week, Kandra says, “It was an honour to participate in such a dynamic and forward-thinking event. Chitkara University has demonstrated exceptional leadership in fostering international collaboration in education, and I am grateful for the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from around the world.”

The Global Week 2024 featured a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and cultural exchange programs. Participants had the opportunity to explore emerging trends in education, share best practices, and forge new partnerships aimed at advancing educational excellence on a global scale.

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Dr Archana Mantri, Vice-Chancellor of Chitkara University, expressed her gratitude to all participants and emphasised the importance of such initiatives in shaping the future of education.

“At Chitkara University, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration in education. The Global Week serves as a platform for educators and researchers to come together, exchange ideas, and inspire positive change in the field of education,” she said.

The success of the 14th Global Week marks Chitkara University’s continued dedication to promoting internationalisation and excellence in education. As the world continues to navigate unprecedented challenges, events like these play a crucial role in building bridges across borders and driving progress in the global education landscape.

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