Etihad Airways soars with Chennai Super Kings in a high-flying sponsorship deal

By Our Reporter
Etihad x Chennai Super Kings partnership // Pic supplied

Etihad Airways, the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, has recently unveiled its role as the official sponsor for the Chennai Super Kings, marking a significant development in the world of cricket sponsorships. This partnership, announced amidst the fervour of 2,000 fans at a special ceremony in Chennai, symbolises a union of sports and aviation that promises to bring an array of exciting opportunities and experiences to cricket enthusiasts.

The event, a vibrant showcase of unity and sporting spirit, took place at Kalaivanar Arangam, where Chennai Super Kings players, adorned in jerseys featuring Etihad’s logo, shared the stage with the airline’s cabin crew. This partnership heralds a series of fan-centred activities, promotions, and unique initiatives designed to enhance the cricketing season and bring fans closer to the action.

Etihad’s commitment to elevating the fan experience is evident in its planned engagement across various Chennai Super Kings events. With the airline’s branding set to adorn the back of the team’s jersey, fans can look forward to engaging activations, exclusive deals, and memorable activities at both events and matches. This collaboration is a testament to Etihad’s dedication to enriching the travel and sporting experiences of its passengers and the wider cricketing community.

Arik De, Etihad Airways’ Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer, shared his excitement about this collaboration, emphasising the unity and shared values between Etihad and the Chennai Super Kings. He highlighted the global appeal of cricket and its power to bring communities together, mirroring the airline’s mission to connect with travellers through common passions. De’s vision for this partnership extends beyond mere sponsorship, aiming to create unforgettable moments that strengthen the bond between fans, travellers, and the sport itself.

Etihad x Chennai Super Kings partnership // Pic supplied

Kasi Viswanathan, Chief Executive Officer of Chennai Super Kings, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the global benefits and shared commitment to excellence that Etihad brings to the table. He stressed that the partnership is set to redefine the standards of sports sponsorships, offering fans extraordinary experiences and setting a new benchmark for engagement and innovation in the realm of cricket.

This strategic alliance not only reinforces Etihad’s investment in the Indian market but also showcases its efforts to forge meaningful connections with India’s vibrant communities. With 165 weekly flights connecting 10 Indian cities to over 70 destinations worldwide, Etihad’s expansion in India, including the recent introduction of flights to Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram and increased frequencies to Mumbai and Delhi, underscores its commitment to accessibility and connectivity for Indian travellers.

Following the announcement of Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif as Etihad’s brand ambassador, this partnership with the Chennai Super Kings further cements the airline’s strategy to engage with a diverse Indian audience through the universally beloved platforms of cricket and cinema. This unique blend of sports excellence and entertainment glamour positions Etihad as a pioneer in creating impactful and resonant experiences for its audience, promising a season filled with excitement, connection, and memorable moments.

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