Santa and his entourage set to light up Liverpool’s festive season

By Our Reporter

As the festive season approaches, Liverpool prepares to welcome a very special visitor, along with his cheerful entourage. The vibrant ‘Christmas in the Mall’ event is set to transform Macquarie Mall into a festive wonderland from 5pm to 10pm on 8-10 December. This year’s highlight is the much-anticipated visit from none other than Santa Claus and Mrs Claus.

Making their journey all the way from the North Pole, Santa and Mrs Claus are set to bring a magical touch to the celebrations. Their mission? To meet the children of Liverpool and listen to their Christmas wishes. Accompanying them might be a few playful elves and perhaps, if the stars align, a sighting of Rudolph, the most famous reindeer of all.

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun encapsulates the essence of this event perfectly. “Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for everyone, big or small,” he says. “It’s a moment to momentarily set aside larger problems and immerse ourselves in the peace and contentment that Christmas brings. It’s a season when joy and love permeate the air, and we hope this spirit is shared worldwide.”

The ‘Christmas in the Mall’ event promises to be a lively affair, buzzing with activities and entertainment. The mall will be filled with the sounds of carols, as established performers lead the crowd in singing classic festive tunes. For movie enthusiasts, there will be a marathon of Christmas-themed films, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Children are in for a treat with a dedicated wonderland featuring face painting, arts, and crafts, ensuring a memorable experience for the youngest attendees. Santa Claus, a central figure of the festivities, will be available for photographs and chats, making the experience more personal and magical for the children.

An interesting aspect of the event is the opportunity for children to write and submit letters to Santa right in the Mall. These letters, expressing their Christmas plans and gift wishes, will be personally collected by Santa, adding a touch of magic and anticipation to the children’s festive experience.

This event is not just about the fun and frolic; it’s a testament to the community spirit and joy that Christmas brings to Liverpool. It’s an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to come together, forget their worries for a while, and immerse themselves in the festive cheer.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, Liverpool is all set to don its festive garb and welcome Santa Claus and his entourage. ‘Christmas in the Mall’ is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of community, joy, and the magic that envelops this special time of year. Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, Macquarie Mall is the place to be this December for an unforgettable Christmas experience.

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