Feast of choices: EatClub’s tantalising deals with top hospitality brands

By Our Reporter
EatClub founder-CEO Pan Koutlakis (left) // Pic supplied

The Australian dining scene is set to flourish with the expansion of EatClub, an innovative dining deal app that has recently incorporated a range of high-profile hospitality brands into its offerings. As the festive season draws near, Australians looking for exciting new dining experiences will find an array of options, with notable names such as the Hilton and Rydges now partnering with EatClub.

Celebrating its sixth year, EatClub, under the leadership of founder and CEO Pan Koutlakis, has revolutionised the way diners access restaurant deals. The app functions seamlessly, alerting users to last-minute dining opportunities. These deals, sometimes offering discounts of up to 50 percent on food and drinks, cater to a range of tastes and preferences.

The addition of esteemed international dining venues like QT, Rydges, and Hilton marks a significant leap for EatClub. Koutlakis notes the timely nature of this expansion, aligning perfectly with the festive season when people seek memorable venues for their celebrations. The prospect of accessing deals at such premium locations adds an extra layer of excitement for users.

Setting up an EatClub account is straightforward, requiring a simple download from the App Store or Google Play. Once registered, the app tailors its deal notifications based on the user’s location, ensuring the most relevant dining options are highlighted.

For restaurants, joining EatClub is a strategic move to widen their customer base. With millions of Australians using the app daily, it provides an effective platform for restaurants to enhance their visibility, attract new patrons, and increase revenue.

The recent inclusion of the Milpa Collective is particularly noteworthy. This partnership brings six premier Mexican brands, such as Santa Catarina and Taqiza, into the fold. The appeal of Mexican cuisine, especially for relaxed spring and summer dining in Australia, is undeniable. The vibrant flavours of tacos and tequilas are a perfect match for the country’s culinary landscape.

Moreover, EatClub’s variety extends beyond international dining. Local favourites like Perth’s Hoodburger and Melbourne and Sydney’s Belles Hot Chicken have also joined the platform. The latter is even set to open a new venue in Adelaide, broadening its reach.

The app caters to a wide range of dining preferences, from family-friendly casual eateries to fine dining establishments. New additions in Queensland, including venues like Mr Badger and Electric Avenue in Brisbane, ensure that Queenslanders too can enjoy the benefits of EatClub’s expansive network.

Koutlakis highlights the convenience and diversity offered by EatClub, stating that the app accommodates all dining styles. Whether for family gatherings, casual meetups, or avoiding the hassle of cooking at home, EatClub provides a plethora of choices across the country, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for every occasion.

EatClub, which introduced EatClub Pay in 2023, allows diners to effortlessly redeem dining deals and settle bills using the restaurant’s terminal. The app’s recent integration of a free online booking system for its venues further enhances the user experience by enabling hassle-free online reservations without any booking fees.

In essence, EatClub’s expansion and collaboration with top hospitality brands mark a significant evolution in Australia’s dining landscape. Offering a blend of convenience, variety, and value, the app is poised to redefine how Australians approach dining out, making it an essential tool for food enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

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