Over to you, BBC: Australian cricket broadcast extends in UK until 2027

By Our Reporter
Representational Photo by Alessandro Bogliari on Unsplash

As the sound of leather on willow continues to resonate with the British public, the announcement from Cricket Australia (CA) of extending its audio rights deal with the BBC ensures that this quintessentially summer sound will continue to echo through the airwaves of the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

The renewed partnership secures the BBC’s position as the purveyor of Australian cricket for the British audience, spanning across BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra, 5 Live, and the digital platform BBC Sounds. This agreement, stretching into the 2026-27 season, means that not only will the BBC provide coverage for Australia’s international fixtures but also bestow a spotlight on domestic cricket, including the burgeoning Big Bash Leagues.

In a world where sports broadcasting rights are increasingly segmented and packaged off to the highest bidder, the deal is a testament to the relationship built over many seasons and the shared history that ties the cricketing fortunes of Australia and England together. It also highlights the unique appeal of cricket as a sport that has managed to bridge the divide between traditional forms of media consumption and the evolving digital landscape.

For cricket aficionados in the UK, the inclusion of the next women’s and men’s Ashes series in the deal is the cherry on top. The prospect of the Ashes, which has for over a century been the pinnacle of cricketing rivalry, being described in real-time by the BBC’s Test Match Special team is enough to stir the soul of any cricket lover. It is this blend of nostalgia and contemporary sporting drama that has seemingly driven the BBC’s commitment to cricket down under.

Abhi Arunachalam, CA Head of Media Rights, expressed delight at the continuation of this robust partnership. The sentiment that the historic rivalry between the two cricketing nations has escalated in excitement and competitiveness resonates with a cricketing public still riding the high of recent nail-biting series.

Heidi Dawson, the Controller for BBC Radio 5 Live and 5 Sports Extra, echoed this enthusiasm. There’s a palpable delight in the ability of Test Match Special to remain the cornerstone of the Ashes experience for the fans. Dawson reflects on the captivating series of the past summer, noting their success in drawing record numbers to the platforms—a trend that is only expected to rise with the return series in Australia.

This partnership renewal is about more than just cricket; it is about the access it provides. It’s a commitment to ensure that the UK public remains connected to the summer game, irrespective of the time zone differences or the miles that separate the two nations. The comprehensive coverage via Sports Extra, BBC Sounds, the BBC Sport website, and its app means that followers of the sport will have a seamless experience in tuning in to the highs and lows of each match.

In an era where the experience of consuming sport is as critical as the game itself, the ability to follow every play, every strategic decision, and every thrilling victory is what keeps the spirit of the game alive. This deal not only secures that experience for the next four seasons but also nurtures the enduring love affair between the British public and the sport of cricket.

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