Hasrat Gill cheers on new era for women’s cricket with CA’s bold initiative

By Our Reporter
Hasrat Gill // Pic supplied

Hasrat Gill, the emerging cricket sensation, recently shared her approval for Cricket Australia’s ambitious Women and Girls Action Plan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The new strategy, designed to boost female participation in cricket over the next decade, has garnered excitement from various quarters, with Gill leading the applause.

During her media interaction, Gill did not hold back her enthusiasm for this transformative agenda. “This plan is a big step forward,” she remarked, her optimism palpable. With the implementation of this initiative, she foresees an increase in opportunities for young women in the sport, allowing them to play and excel at higher levels.

Having played for Australia’s under-19 team in Sri Lanka, Gill understands the impact of such developmental initiatives. She expressed joy over the prospect of more young girls taking up cricket, driven by their dreams and ambitions in the sport.

Hasrat Gill // Pic supplied

Gill also shared insights into her inspirations in cricket, naming Ellyse Perry, the stalwart of Australian women’s cricket, as her primary role model. “Perry’s talent and dedication are remarkable,” she stated, highlighting the attributes that make Perry a legend of the game. Additionally, Gill admires Virat Kohli from the men’s circuit, drawn to his intense passion and commitment to cricket.

With players like Hasrat Gill ascending in the ranks, and initiatives such as the Women’s and Girls Action Plan taking shape, the future looks promising for women’s cricket in Australia. Gill’s journey and the strategic push from Cricket Australia signal a significant shift towards inclusivity and equal opportunities in the sport, making cricket a game truly meant for all.

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