Australia-India Institute CEO Lisa Singh joins Beyond Blue board

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Beyond Blue, Australia’s go-to mental health organisation, has refreshed its board with the appointment of two new directors, Lisa Singh, CEO of the Australia-India Institute, and tech exec Dayle Stevens OAM. The move signals an added layer of commitment to digital innovation and diversity within the organisation.

Chair of Beyond Blue, Julia Gillard AC, highlighted the newcomers’ qualities that align with the board’s ongoing objectives. Gillard said, “Lisa’s advocacy of social inclusion and deep ties to one of Australia’s largest multicultural communities, along with Dayle’s record of driving digital impact, will be instrumental in fulfilling Beyond Blue’s mission.”

With her extensive background in politics and her current role at the helm of the Australia-India Institute, Lisa Singh brings to the board not just advocacy skills but also a wealth of international connections. She was the first woman of South Asian heritage to serve in the Australian Parliament and has been a strong voice for human rights, international development, gender equality, and climate change.

Singh commented on her appointment, saying, “Beyond Blue has a significant role in the Australian community, and I look forward to making an active contribution to the organisation.”

Dayle Stevens, named among Australia’s top 50 chief information officers, is currently leading Telstra’s data and artificial intelligence functions. Stevens emphasised the role of technology in delivering timely mental health and wellbeing support, stating, “I look forward to supporting Beyond Blue’s focus on using digital to benefit people’s mental health.”

These new appointments follow the retirement of Paul Howes, who had been on the board for over a decade. Gillard thanked Howes for his contributions that have been pivotal to the evolution and impact of Beyond Blue in the community.

The two new directors join an already diverse board comprising of figures from various sectors, including Kate Carnell AO as Deputy Chair, Abbe Anderson, and Dr Jessica Dean. The diversity of the board serves to mirror the multifaceted Australian community that Beyond Blue aims to support.

While Stevens will likely play a key role in driving Beyond Blue’s digital strategy, Singh’s addition seems especially timely. Her experience in fostering Australia-India relations adds an international dimension to the organisation’s local efforts, making the board even more versatile in tackling the ever-evolving challenges in the mental health sector.

As Australia grapples with social and economic upheavals that inevitably impact mental health, Beyond Blue’s board is arming itself with a broader set of tools. The inclusion of Lisa Singh and Dayle Stevens brings in an interesting mix of technological savvy and advocacy acumen. Their combined expertise is geared to advance Beyond Blue’s mission: to help Australians feel better sooner, recover fully, and sustain their wellbeing.

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