Opposition leader Peter Dutton on diplomatic mission to India

By Our Reporter
Leader of Opposition Peter Dutton // Pic source X @PeterDutton_MP

Peter Dutton MP, Leader of the Opposition, is set to visit Delhi, India, from 1 November to 4 November 2023, in a bid to strengthen Australia’s ties with the Indian subcontinent.

During his trip, Dutton will engage in crucial meetings with political representatives, business leaders, and visits to organisations that support educational initiatives. He is also scheduled to address an event hosted by the India Australia Strategic Alliance, underlining the growing importance of the relationship between the two nations, a media release fro Dutton’s office said.

Australia boasts a vibrant Indian community, with approximately 800,000 Australians of Indian heritage. The contributions of this community to Australian society across various fields are highly valued, playing a vital role in the country’s multicultural success.

The historical connection between India and Australia dates back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries when Indian migrants, including the renowned camel drivers, worked in the Australian outback. A bond of camaraderie was further solidified during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 when Indian troops fought alongside their Anzac counterparts.

Today, the relationship between Australia and India is characterised by mutual understanding, trust, and a shared vision of a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. The economic, security, and social ties between the two countries continue to strengthen, with new avenues for friendship and cooperation emerging annually, the release said.

Under the former Coalition Government, Australia and India elevated their bilateral relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in June 2020. In April 2022, they signed a historic Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, which has led to increased collaboration and new opportunities for both nations’ industries and businesses.

Accompanying Dutton on this visit is the Hon Jason Wood MP, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, underscoring the significance of the multicultural dimension of the relationship. In his absence, the Hon Sussan Ley MP will serve as Acting Leader of the Opposition.

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