World’s brightest fishing minds meet in Melbourne

By Our Reporter
Representative image // Photo by Adam Rhodes on Unsplash

The world’s foremost recreational fishing experts from 21 countries have descended on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the 10th World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC).

Minister for Outdoor Recreation Sonya Kilkenny today opened the Conference, which has drawn almost 350 recreational fisheries managers, scientists and academics from across Australia and beyond including Mongolia, Belize, Belgium, Italy and The Bahamas to share the latest trends, research and industry insights.

The conference will feature world renowned experts presenting on the theme of keeping pace in a dynamic and challenging world with evolving fisheries.

International speakers include Keep Fish Wet executive director Sascha Clark Danylchuk and Trout Unlimited’s Steve Moyer from the USA, Norwegian fisheries researcher Keno Ferter, South African scientist Christopher Bova and UK actor and host of the Extreme Fishing TV series Robson Green.

The Labor Government secured hosting rights with a bid led by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) in partnership with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and recreational fishing bodies including VRFish, FutureFish Foundation and Women in Recreational Fishing Network, an official press release said.

Australia’s wealth of recreational fishing knowledge is also being tapped into through Stan Lui, whose keynote address will delve into First nations peoples and their interactions with recreational fisheries, as well as OzFish Unlimited founder Craig Copeland and recreational fisheries scientist Dr Matt Taylor.

The Conference follows the Ultimate Fishing Expo held at the weekend, which brought together fishers from across the state to see the latest gear from more than 50 exhibitors as well as hearing tips and tricks from a range of presenters like international fly-fishing expert April Vokey and VFA Ambassadors Bachar Houli and Lee Rayner.

Victoria is the ideal location to host the conference as the home to Australia’s best recreational fishing, from snapper, whiting and calamari in Port Phillip to catches of southern bluefin tuna and kingfish along the coast, wild trout in high country streams and the iconic Murray cod throughout northern waters.

These experiences are underpinned by record investment into making recreational fishing even better.

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