Women of Colour Launch Groundbreaking Executive Leadership Program

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Women of Colour launch Executive Leadership Programme in Australia, starting May 2023 with support from Victorian government

Women of Colour Australia (WoCA) has teamed up with Women’s Business, a First Nations-owned and led organisation promoting Women of Colour in leadership, to launch the country’s first Executive Leadership Program specifically designed for Women of Colour. The program, backed by the Victorian Government, Office for Women, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, will take place over seven months, from May to December 2023, and will be delivered through a combination of in-person and online sessions.

The WoC ELP is aimed at Women of Colour who hold or aspire to hold senior leadership roles in their workplaces. The program will be delivered by Women of Colour subject matter experts and thought leaders, and will offer a culturally and psychologically safe environment for Women of Colour to develop their leadership skills. The program will include workshops, modules, coaching, executive mentoring, and a group adaptive challenge project, as well as pre and post-program assessments.

Founder and Managing Director of WoCA, Brenda Gaddi, said, “There is very little to no support for Women of Colour to break through the concrete ceiling.” The WoC ELP program provides a space for Women of Colour to feel culturally and psychologically safe to bring their full, authentic selves to the program.

Women’s Business Founder, Kat Henaway, who led the design of the program, said, “With WoC ELP, we are bringing the tried-and-tested approach to Women of Colour because we understand the importance of having representation of Women of Colour in leadership positions and we want to empower Australian corporations to embrace cultural diversity at all levels.”

Natalie Hutchins MP, Minister for Women, commented, “This program presents a real opportunity for businesses to do more than just talk about a commitment to diversity and inclusion, it’s an opportunity to show it. Women of Colour not only have the capacity, drive and potential for senior executive leadership roles but also bring rich lived experiences, expertise, and unique personalities to the organisations and corporations they work in.”

Women of Colour who hold senior management positions in the private, public, and community sectors and who reside in Victoria are encouraged to apply for the program. Applications will be accepted throughout February 2023.

WoCA, founded in 2020, is a non-profit organisation run by Women of Colour for Women of Colour. Its mission is to champion Australia’s Women of Colour through tailored education programs, community support initiatives, and advocacy work. Women’s Business is a collaboration of women dedicated to amplifying and empowering Women of Colour in Australia.

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