What is the Big Victorian Harvest?

By Hari Yellina
Representational Photo by Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash

As part of its support for the Victorian agriculture industry as it navigates the uncertainties brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the Victorian Government has committed more than $84 million. In 2020, the Seasonal Workforce Program’s Big Victorian Harvest campaign was launched to increase public awareness of the incentives and services available to employers. In rural and regional locations, the Seasonal Workforce Program has expanded support services and boosted worker housing alternatives.

Additionally, it has given opportunities for training and skill development as well as engaged with communities to increase awareness of work opportunities. In order to help in addressing workforce issues and other important challenges during the epidemic, industry and community groups also got support. The Victorian Government’s assistance will concentrate on horticulture industry capacity building in 2022 to make sure businesses can manage their personnel demands for harvest. The horticulture industry will benefit from improved operations and employee retention thanks to the Horticulture Farm Monitor Pilot and Seasonal Workforce Group Traineeships in Horticulture.

What are the Training Options?

The brand-new Seasonal Workforce Group Traineeships in Horticulture Pilot Program connects students with instruction and real-world experience to help them develop their abilities and find new career paths. The pilot initiative encourages businesses to create training as a crucial component of creating a sustainable, dependable workforce and will be implemented across important horticulture regions like the Sunraysia, the Goulburn Valley, and Gippsland. Apprenticeship Employment Network will manage the new traineeships in conjunction with group training organisations, TAFEs, horticultural enterprises, and other organisations.

The cooperative programme will create routes to high-level competencies in areas like running farm equipment and infrastructure, as well as supply chains, relationship management, and digital platforms—all essential competencies required for the future of Victoria’s top-tier horticulture sector. You could prepare for harvest labour with the help of the horticulture farm worker induction programme. The Victorian Government provides funds to SuniTAFE, which administers the free programme.

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