Funds Allotted for the Australian Mango Sector

By Hari Yellina
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Thanks to a $2.7 million investment, mango growers will be more informed, as well as more productive and profitable. The funds will be split between two parts: an integrated extension project and a communications initiative, and will come from the mango research and development levy and federal contributions. Growers will be involved in the extension project to raise knowledge of and encourage the implementation of methods that will help them increase production and profitability. To keep the industry up to date on the latest research, marketing, and other industry news, the communication project will produce an industry magazine, newsletters, social media content, and website content. The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) and its marketing brand, Australian Mangoes, will deliver the initiative on behalf of Hort Innovation.

The two five-year projects build on past efforts to improve communication and capacity. According to AMIA CEO Brett Kelly, each of the organization’s research partners, as well as Hort Innovation, will produce excellent outcomes for industry that are aligned with the Mango Strategic Investment Plan (2022-2026). Jane Wightman, Hort Innovation’s head of extension, noted that during recent Strategic Investment Plan renewal consultations, the Australian mango sector expressed its appreciation for the extension initiative and stated that its continuation was a top priority.

“The Australian mango sector has high goals for better profitability, efficiency, and sustainability, as well as improved domestic and worldwide demand,” she said. “These ambitions are based on the generation and application of research and development, which is enhanced by a creative culture that fosters continuous improvement and proactive risk management.” The formation of a joint project reference group is one of the first actions of both projects (PRG). Over the next five years, this group will play a critical role in leading project teams and activities. Stakeholders in the Australian mango industry who want to join the PRG should seek for an Expression of Interest in AMIA’s industry communication.

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