Cultivating leaders: AgriFutures Scholarship shapes future of Australian agriculture

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The 2024 AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship has been announced, marking an important moment for the next generation of agricultural leaders. This prestigious scholarship programme, a collaborative effort involving numerous industry sponsors, is geared towards nurturing the talents of full-time university students across Australia. These students, pursuing agriculture-related undergraduate and STEM degrees with majors aligned to the industry, are seen as the vanguard of an evolving agricultural sector.

The scholarship presents a substantial $5,000 annual bursary for the final two years of the recipient’s degree. However, its value extends far beyond financial support. It encapsulates opportunities for professional development, industry work placements, and exclusive networking events, besides participation in prominent industry gatherings. This holistic approach aims not just to educate but to integrate these young minds into the heart of the industry.

In a notable shift from previous years, the 2024 programme has pivoted its focus to students in their final years of study. This change is strategic, aiming to forge stronger connections between these emerging talents and established industry networks, thereby smoothing their transition into the workforce.

Jennifer Galloway, Acting General Manager of Workforce, Communications and Adoption at AgriFutures Australia, highlighted the multifaceted benefits of the programme. Emphasising the professional development workshops, Galloway noted that these are designed to enhance the skills of the recipients and broaden their knowledge base. “As a recipient, you’ll have the opportunity to complete annual industry work placements aligned with your areas of interest and the sponsor’s industry,” she remarked. The programme’s alignment with industry events further enriches the experience, offering scholars a panoramic view of Australian agriculture.

The impact of the Horizon Scholarship is vividly reflected in the experiences of its alumni. A 2022 scholar, Ayla Christophers, described the programme as transformative. Her placement with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation not only enriched her understanding of the Australian cotton industry but also provided her with invaluable experiences and connections.

Adding a new dimension to the 2024 programme, the Western Australia-based Mt Burdett Foundation has joined as a partner, sponsoring a student specifically from WA. The Foundation, a vision of the late Chris Reichstein, a farmer from Esperance, is committed to capacity building in rural and regional communities. Erin Gorter, Chair of the Mt Burdett Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation, expressed excitement over this partnership, seeing it as a perfect fit for their vision.

To be considered for the Horizon Scholarship, applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents, enrolled full-time in the last two years of an agriculture-related undergraduate degree at an Australian university. The application window opens on Monday, 20 November 2023, and concludes on Friday, 12 January 2024.

The 2024 Horizon Scholars will be backed by an impressive array of sponsors, including Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Eggs, Hort Innovation, and several others, each contributing to the diverse fabric of the Australian agricultural sector. This support underscores the collective commitment to nurturing talent that will drive the future of agriculture in Australia.

The AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. It represents a concerted effort to empower the next generation of leaders in Australian agriculture, ensuring that the sector continues to thrive and adapt in a rapidly changing world. The future of Australian agriculture, it seems, is in capable hands.

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