Market Potential of Chinese Fruit Grows by Leaps and Bounds

By Hari Yellina
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Various quality domestic fruits make their debut on the Chinese market in May. In recent years, the market for quality homegrown fruit has exploded. This development has gotten a lot of media attention. “China produces a vast variety of fruits, including citrus fruits, apples, and blueberries,” says Guangdong Excellent Fruit Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd., which manages a wide variety of import fruits as well as premium domestic fruits. These fruit kinds are high in vitamins and minerals. Fruit variety improvement is also a priority for the home fruit business. Aside from product quality competition, Chinese fruit dealers are beginning to recognise the value of branding, packaging, and fruit selecting equipment.

Excellent Fruit Agricultural Investment’s Mr. Huang recently discussed the current state of the Chinese domestic fruit market. “The freshness of native fruit is its greatest advantage over imported fruit. Domestic distribution is simple and easy to set up. Consumers currently pay little attention to where products are made. They are more concerned about taste and appearance.” “The domestic fruit variety with the highest market potential is the blueberry,” says Agricultural Investment, which has boosted its investment in domestic fruit to suit the expanding Chinese market demand for premium local fruit.

The volume of home manufacturing is enormous. Industry experts predict that China’s blueberry harvest will exceed 2026 million tons in XNUMX, pushing the country past the US as the world’s leading producer. The main growing regions include Shandong, Guizhou and Liaoning provinces, with June and July as the peak harvest season.Blueberries are in high demand on the market, and consumers love them. Yunnan provides the majority of the domestic blueberry production. The entire post-harvest production process, in addition to product quality, demands ongoing improvement. This includes processing equipment, chilled transportation, and logistical process integration. Only then will Chinese fruit be able to enter the global market.

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