‘The Australian people have voted for change’

By Our Reporter
A jubilant Anthony Albanese // Pic source @AlboMP

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is on his way to become Australia’s Prime Minister as Scott Morrison’s conservative Liberal-National coalition government accepted defeat after a huge voter swing against his party.

An exciting election results relayed last night also saw unexpected wins by the Greens and a number of Independent candidates. According to experts, this could mean that Albanese also faces the chance of running a minority government with the support of new Members of Parliament (MPS).

Albanese has won at least 72 of the 76 seats needed to form a majority government according to the latest tally.

After the results, Albanese said, “The Australian people have voted for change… I am humbled by this victory and I am honoured to be given the opportunity ti serve as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. We will work everyday to bring Australians together”

Albanese said his victory says a lot about Australia, that a son of a single mother, who as a disablity pensioner, who grew up in public housing can stand “before you as Australia’s Prime Minister”.

He continued, “My mother dreamt of a better life for me and I hope that my journey in life inspires Australians to reach to the stars. I want Australia to continue to be a country that nomatter where you live, who you worship, who you love or what your last name is – places no restrictions on your journey in life.”

(More updates to follow)

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