PropHero reinvents investing in Property

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Nav Ganesh (right)

Nav Ganesh joins as Sales Leader, Australia

PropHero is an exciting Australian based start-up that is reinventing investing in property backed by data and insight.

They recently added Navneet (Nav) Ganesh to assist with their growth plans and to be their Sales Leader across Australia.

The PropHero platform leverages data to help find, buy and manage investment properties. There is no better time than now—with favourable interest rates for investors to get into the property market.

However, the process can often be daunting if doing it without the guidance of technology.

“The broader real estate industry is still immature when it comes to technology,” believes Mickael Roger, co-founder of PropHero. “We believe the industry needs to get modernised, in particular leveraging new technologies like big data and AI.” Roger himself is no stranger to data having previously worked for McKinsey heading their data division and bringing with him a wealth of insight to transform this industry.

“When you are investing in property, it’s vitally important to make an informed decision with the benefit of data. For a long time, people have been relying on ‘gut feeling’ anchored by a belief that property prices always go up,” co-founder Roger said.

Launched in 2021 by co-founders Pablo Gil Brusola and Mickael Roger, PropHero aims to close gaps in the market by combining data with human expertise to make simpler, transparent and more time efficient buyer’s agent services.

“Our platform makes property investing accessible to a younger generation who have savings and want a simple digital experience,” Brusola said.

“We also have older clients who like our data-driven approach so they can diversify their property portfolios. We’re cutting down the time it takes to invest in property by 90% because we have a digital platform and a network of trusted professionals,” he added.

PropHero uses proprietary data models to pull 40 million+ data points to screen over 200+ variables across 18,000+ suburbs, enabling buyers to find high return, low risk investment properties in the listed and unlisted markets.

The results have been impressive to date. Clients such as David benefited with a $40k instant equity gain on his purchased property. Marie got a 106% return on her investment in just 6 months, whilst Luis had a $60k equity gain in just 3 months whilst having a monthly positive cash flow of around $800.

Introducing Nav Ganesh—Sales Leader, Australia:

Nav Ganesh is PropHero’s Sales Leader across Australia assisting the start-up with their growth plans and expansion of their sales force.

Nav was born in India and migrated to Australia in 1994. He has the right mix of entrepreneurial prowess and corporate sales experience to steer PropHero in the right direction.

He has previously worked in IBM in Enterprise Sales in data and information management as well as helping to successfully scale Groupon’s National vertical across A/NZ working with some of the biggest brands in the country such as Uber, Woolworths, eBay, Vodafone and Chemist Warehouse. He is also the founder of Infinity Sport & Entertainment, Infinity Cricket and Cookies & Treats AU—suppling close to 100 venues.

Nav spoke to The Indian Sun about the platform and the opportunities for property investors.

“Being associated with an Australian tech start up like Prophero is super exciting especially with the company in the process of their next significant capital raise. There is a lot that is broken about the industry. Investing in property can be a time-consuming and often daunting process for many.”

“PropHero presents investors with the top 1% of investable positively geared properties in Australia and makes it easy for anyone to invest in property.

“When considering investing in property, there is a lot that needs to be done from research to due diligence and then management. PropHero makes the entire process seamless from matching you with the right investment property to giving you access to a curated selection of providers who can assist with inspections, finance and management—we really are an end-to-end solution.”

“This is the best time to be thinking about investing in property in Australia. Backed by data and insight, the experience for our clients is easy and transparent. If you are looking to invest in positively geared property, please get in touch and I would love to help you.”

We are also looking to align with various partners. If you are a mortgage broker, lender, have an accounting firm or a strong network please reach out.”

To get on the platform, the investment is only $990—where you get access for lifetime. Clients will then be presented 1-2 properties per week that matches their investment profile. Typically, within 3-6 weeks, a suitable property can be matched and purchased. The success fee is $9,900 when a property is matched and purchased.

For The Indian Sun readers, there is a special offer of 10% off ($990) the success fee by quoting INDIAN SUN by emailing Nav below.

For more info go to or contact Nav Ganesh at | Quote: INDIAN SUN for 10% off our success fee

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