Doo Group Supports UNICEF Hong Kong to Empower Next Generation in Asia


HONG KONG, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Doo Group today announced its philanthropic collaboration with UNICEF Hong Kong to support UNICEF’s Schools for Asia initiative, in order to reach out to the most vulnerable children in 11 Asian countries, and provide them with a chance to learn in an ultimate conducive learning environment. 

Doo Group today announced its philanthropic collaboration with UNICEF Hong Kong to support UNICEF’s Schools for Asia initiative.

“Technology gives a great impact in every aspect of our live. We believe that technology can help to provide a better solution in regard to the education systems in marginalized regions. Everyone should play their part in children’s charity and public welfare undertakings,” says Regional Director for Asia-Pacific of Doo Group, Marc Grand.

The noble partnership is part of Doo Group’s one of many endeavours and activities to come, in contributing to the development of individuals, industries, and societies.

Empowering Education, Transforming A Hopeful Future Generations

UNICEF has been active with the “School for Asia” initiative since 2012. Over 48 million marginalized children across Asia – including China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, and Laos – are granted the lifetime opportunity to attend school and build a better future for the communities, as well as their respective countries.

UNICEF incorporates interactive online learning classes and other digital approaches to the children.

In Vietnam, UNICEF introduced Augmented and Virtual Reality education solutions in the country’s remote provinces. In Bhutan, 180,000 school-aged children including those in hard-to-reach areas were able to continue learning through online and remote learning programmes via television and Google classrooms.

For more information about the UNICEF “Schools for Asia” campaign, please visit this following website: 

UNICEF Hong Kong:

Doo Group Continuously Upholds Social Responsibility  

It is Doo Group’s earnest hope that with the donation, it would help UNICEF to achieve its mission in helping those in need in the long run.

We call out to everyone – regardless of who or where they are – to lend a helping hand, and to help spread awareness. That goes without saying, we will effortlessly contribute our assistance to those in need.

For enquiries and further information about Doo Group, please contact us:

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UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product, or service.


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