Mira D’Silva: Aiming to make a positive difference

By Indira Laisram
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Mira D’Silva is one of the many political aspirants this federal elections for whom the pandemic did prove to be a turning point. She saw the gaps in community services and realised she could help the community better via the platform of politics. And as the Liberal Party’s candidate for Maribyrnong, she is now entering the race.

D’Silva migrated to Australia in 2004 and willed herself into a successful life. She co-founded Delivery Centric, an Australian-based company headquartered in Melbourne, specialising in providing digital security for large banks, universities and telecom companies. She believes her business background is compatible with her interests in a political career as working with people was one of her key experiences.

D’Silva describes herself as “a loving wife and mother, who is engaged at all levels within the community, so that together, we can make a positive difference for our community”. Throughout her business growth phase, she states she has always enjoyed engaging in the wider community, at multiple levels sponsoring local sporting groups, women with career coaching and mentoring, and children through their schooling years.

People of Indian origin have a marginal presence in Australian politics, and it is a time when people are looking for transformational change. D’Silva is aware of this and has put her business life behind her to “to focus 100 per cent of my experience, knowledge, and energies into representing this magnificent community”. How she fares in the hustings remains to be seen. Indira Laisram in conversation with Mira D’Silva.

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What inspired you to join politics?

I have always recognised my strong alignment with the Liberal Party, as I feel that it is the party which provides strong values, leadership, and a strong economic environment. With this, comes the opportunities which enable us all to prosper—those who have a go to get a go. Now during the pandemic lockdowns here in Victoria, I felt that there was more that I could do to help our community prosper, and it was at this point that I formally joined the Liberal Party.

What motivated you to run for the seat of Maribyrnong?

I am a people person. I love listening to people, I love learning what motivates them, what their needs are and helping them. This was a core part of my business, something which I enjoyed at both a personal level and a business level. I have now put my business life behind me so I can build on what I do best and continue to do this as part of my new political life.

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The support of my family, friends and many Liberal Party members confirmed in my mind that I had in place the foundational elements for success. Then it was really my direct experience of running a successful business, being in Maribyrnong, listening and understanding the needs of the people in the electorate, that confirmed for me that I had all that was required to be successful here.

What are the issues you are focussing on? Or what policies will you be advocating for?

I am focused on being a strong representative and advocate for:

  1. A Global Australia
  2. Building Women’s Economic Security
  3. Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Digital Economic Growth & Security
  5. Supporting Small Businesses
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What is your take on the climate policy?

As the world moves forward on addressing global issues such as climate, the Liberal Party has taken action by committing Australia to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. I too am a firm supporter of these actions and look forward to doing what we need to deliver on this commitment and to safeguard the future of the generations which come after us.

And on the religious discrimination bill?

I strongly support freedom of religion and expression and will always seek to protect these fundamental rights.

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What would you say differentiates yourself from other independent and other party candidates?

I believe that everyone who wants to make a difference in the political landscape brings a set of key experiences and abilities to represent them. My unique experiences and skills are the combination of being an immigrant here in Australia, having established a successful company, being a woman and doing these things, being involved in helping our community and helping build the Indian-Australian bonds.

How important do you think it is for migrants to be represented in Australian politics?

Representation for migrants in Australia is part of the social fabric of Australia. Every wave of immigrants that have come to the country have successfully built up a strong and positive representation which has had an overwhelmingly positive outcome on the nation. Our wider Indian-Australian story is still developing, and it is very important that we get is right; thought strong, positive, leadership and representation.

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