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SINGAPORE, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Different from other single-game GameFi projects, GemUni builds a decentralized NFTs & Gaming ecosystem, providing users with hundreds of Casual Games and favorable chances to earn. Since the project’s IDO on Jan 19, the team has promised an ambitious roadmap featuring NFT Marketplace, Casual Gaming Platform, Signature Gaming Platform, GENI Pass NFTs Farming & Staking, multiple DeFi mechanics, and INO/IGO Launchpad. GemUni is releasing features after features at an unrivaled speed to market.

Double Launch, Double Earn
Double Launch, Double Earn

Double Launch, Double Earn

On Feb 22, GemUni organized a Double Launch of its NFT Marketplace & Casual Gaming Platform (400+ games) for Play-to-Earn. Users finally have the chance to experience buying and selling GENI Pass NFTs directly in the marketplace. Besides trading NFTs, users can also participate in NFT Farming, Staking, and Lending to maximize incomes.

Owning a GENI Pass NFT, users will join the Casual Gaming Platform to play & earn from 400+ fun & easy casual games. Players will be rewarded with GENIX, a reward token that can be converted to GENI, the project’s token. The platform also provides Free-to-Play, Free-to-Earn mode, in which players can play fun casual games and earn for free.

To celebrate the launch, on Feb 22-28 GemUni is organizing a gaming week called Double Launch, Double Earn. Joining this event, participants will get familiar with GemUni while monetizing their experiences with huge rewards in games and from the community. The gaming week is a 4-stage journey (Get Started, Conquer Challenges, Speed Up, Finish the Race) with diverse daily activities & bonuses.

Multiple ways to earn passive income

“We want to create an ecosystem in which every player can have the opportunity to earn passive income,” stated GemUni CEO & Founder Cassie Nguyen. With a clear vision, she and her team are building GemUni to be a platform providing users with many ways to earn:

  • Earn tokens by playing 1000+ Casual Games (maximum 659% ROI after 1 year).
  • Earn fixed incomes by Leasing GENI Pass NFTs to other players/scholars.
  • Earn split incomes by Lending GENI Pass NFTs to others to play and earn.
  • Earn capital gains from NFT investment (2X asset value after 1 year).
  • Earn passive income by Staking & Farming NFTs.

Token system as the driving force for growth

GemUni token system includes GENI, GENIX, and other reward tokens. They are used across the platform and can be easily inter-converted.  

The main token GENI can be used to access gaming networks and purchase NFTs. A nicely-built tokenomics makes GENI a good opportunity for investors. With a circulating supply of 4.86 million tokens at a $980,000 market cap ($0.2 Feb 22), GENI offers much more room for gain as a long-term investment asset. GENI can be traded on PancakeSwap and will be listed on other DEXes & CEXes in Q2 to invite more liquidity. Current and future holders can expect a sustainable approach from the team to drive the ecosystem ahead, which in turn will be reflected on the token’s price behavior.

Meanwhile, GENIX is mainly used to buy game tickets, purchase in-game items, and reward users on the Casual Gaming Platform. Users can earn by having good game results & winning in battles. GENIX can also be traded on PancakeSwap from Feb 22, providing high liquidity for gamers to convert rewards into fiat.

GemUni aspires to become the “Decentralized Steam” for NFT Games Play-to-Earn – an ultimate destination of extraordinary GameFi experiences. Follow GemUni to get updates about the project’s activities.

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