yoboo Launches New Products of Mother & Baby Series in Southeast Asia Market


MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Japanese mother & baby brand yoboo has launched different series of mother & baby products in Southeast Asia market, such as silicone pacifiers, baby wipes, nursing pads, diaper bags and so on. These are new product series following the launch of yoboo breast pumps and anti-colic baby bottles. The new products have been launched on Shopee and Lazada platforms.

yoboo,Mother & Baby Series
yoboo,Mother & Baby Series

yoboo’s new mother & baby series products are designed to meet the physiological development needs of 0-1 year old babies and the breastfeeding needs of mothers by respecting the natural law and based on human experience. For example, yoboo’s daily and night silicone pacifiers are ergonomically designed, the curved profile makes the product fit the face tightly without covering the nostrils, so that babies can breathe smoothly when wearing such a pacifier. The daily pacifier is designed to resemble the nipples of mothers, which is soft and comfortable. The massage point at the occlusal position can relieve the discomfort of the baby’s gums when he/she grows his/her teeth, effectively relieve the jaw pressure, and meet the chewing needs of the baby during the craving period. The night pacifier is designed to be flat and round, which is more suitable for the baby’s mouth during sleep. This shape can prevent unnecessary air from being swallowed, which will cause abdominal distension and abdominal pain, thus ensuring the baby to sleep soundly.

Pacifier;Baby wipes;Nursing Pad
Pacifier;Baby wipes;Nursing Pad

For breastfeeding mothers, yoboo introduced new products such as honeycomb embossed diversion nursing pads and diaper bags to help mothers get a better nursery experience. In addition, yoboo also provides mothers with rich nursery knowledges and product introductions through social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, so as to guide every mother to be more confident in baby feeding and nursery.

yoboo, as a mother & baby brand with the core concept of “Medical Feeding”, is committed to optimize the nursery environment in the whole society by applying advanced technologies. In the future, yoboo will aim at the Southeast Asian market and continue to devote itself to the field of mother & baby products. Through technological innovation, scientific breastfeeding solutions can be offered by yoboo, which will then provide more safe and practical mother & baby products to Southeast Asian consumers.

yoboo’s official website: www.yoboojp.com

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