Rental providers now eligible for rebate to drive down power bills

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Rental providers are now eligible for a rebate to upgrade inefficient heating and cooling systems to make homes more comfortable, drive down power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Minister for Solar Homes Lily D’Ambrosio today announced $1,000 rebates from Solar Victoria to install energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners in rental properties. This rebate could help renters save up to $300 on their annual power bills.

More than 3,300 Victorians have already taken advantage of the rebate—funded by the Andrews Labor Government—since it opened to community housing organisations in May, and owner-occupiers in August 2021, an official press release said.

The eligibility expansion means even more low-income and vulnerable Victorian households can have their homes made warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

To be eligible for the rebate the rental property must be either earning $500 or less in weekly rent, occupied by renters holding a valid concession card or with a combined household income below $90,000, or unoccupied with a potential to earn $500 or less in weekly rent.

A further $200 rebate is available to cap old gas heaters, along with $500 to upgrade an electrical switchboard, if needed.

About 30 per cent of Victorians rent their homes and just under 80 per cent earn under $90,000. We also know around 45 per cent of this cohort struggle to pay their energy bills.

With new regulations requiring energy-efficient heating in all rental properties from March this year this rebate will support rental providers to install effective and efficient system for the home.

To ensure as many renters benefit from these upgrades as soon as possible, rental providers can apply for two rebates each financial year, with one rebate available per property.

For more information, including eligibility criteria and instructions on how to apply visit

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