Ingersoll Rand and its Brands Support the Public Health in the Post-Pandemic Era


SINGAPORE, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), a global provider of mission-critical flow creation and industrial solutions, is providing compressed air and vacuum, material handling, and metering solutions to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Its cutting-edge compressed air technologies as well as precise flow control systems strengthen the efficiency of public health systems, and the companies that support them, in the post-epidemic era.

Ingersoll Rand air compressors help with the production of COVID-19 vaccines

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic raised the global need for the development and production of vaccines. In the pharmaceutical industry compressed air purity is the key to the production process. GMP requires the highest quality of air, free from contaminants, particles, bacteria, and surface microorganisms; as well as strict control of oil, dust, and pressure dew point of compressed air.

Ingersoll Rand Sierra series oil-free compressor
Ingersoll Rand Sierra series oil-free compressor

Oil-free compressors are specially designed for pharmaceutical production and, regardless of whether they are centrifugal or rotary, are the most commonly used products in the pharmaceutical industry. Ingersoll Rand is proud to offer a range of oil-free compressor solutions that are the ideal tools to support the production of COVID-19 vaccines!

Elmo Rietschle central vacuum system for hospital’s operating theatre

Hospital vacuum systems are used to extract medical gases from operating theatres and medical wards, alongside the safe and hygienic suction of bodily fluids and waste. As such, reliability and durability are key concerns, with the facility requiring maximum uptime from each installation.

Elmo Rietschle VPK medical vacuum system
Elmo Rietschle VPK medical vacuum system

Manufactured to ISO Standard 7396-1:2016, ISO9001:2015, DIR: 93/42/CEE, as well as being fully compliant with Medical CE Standards, Elmo Rietschle central vacuum systems combine proven reliability with easy installation and low-maintenance to provide mission critical support to hospitals around the world.

Nash vacuum technology for various pharmaceutical applications

For over 110 years, NASH has been providing safe, efficient, and reliable vacuum systems to customers in the pharmaceutical industry. As a global leader in vacuum technology, Nash has the knowledge and expertise to deliver tailored solutions that help solve even the most complex industrial processing challenges.

Nash liquid ring vacuum pump
Nash liquid ring vacuum pump

Using a range of technologies such as dry screw and liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam and air ejectors, and hybrid vacuum systems, Nash offers a range of complete standard and engineered-to-order solutions for a variety of pharmaceutical applications including distillation, drying, evaporation, solvent recovery, and vacuum stripping.

Milton Roy assists in meltblown cloth mixing solution for mask production

Non-woven fabric and meltblown cloth are the two main materials used for medical and N95 masks, with the meltblown cloth being used in as the middle layer, acting as the core of the entire mask. The mRoy series metering pumps from Milton Roy help customers to achieve the levels of accuracy and reliability required by raw material mixing and injection, meeting the demands of the meltblown cloth production process.

Milton Roy mRoy series metering pump
Milton Roy mRoy series metering pump

Designed to meet global industry standards, mRoy series metering pumps provide accurate dosing of a wide range of fluids. The steady-state accuracy of the pump can reach ±0.5%, with a maximum turndown ratio of 100:1. Their long, 96,000 hour service life is achieved by adopting an integrated adjustable pressure relief valve and a hydraulically balanced diaphragm design. The mRoy series of metering pumps also provides the flexibility required to meet the requirements of a diverse range of processes and production needs.

ARO provides material handling solutions for medical glove manufacturers

In the field of pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing, ARO’s air operated diaphragm pumps are widely recognized for their stable and efficient performance in both industrial and FDA sanitary grade material transportation applications. With excellent performance, quality, and reliability, as well as easy installation, ARO pumps are suitable for medium to high viscosity material transportation with low shear, corrosion, and abrasion resistance.

ARO air operated diaphragm pump
ARO air operated diaphragm pump

With the demand for medical gloves has increased dramatically, which led to a rising pressure and urgency on medical glove manufacturing industry. ARO air operated diaphragm pumps are working to help improve the efficiency and reliability of the material transportation processes that will allow producers to effectively scale up their medical glove production capacity to meet the global increase in demand.

Ingersoll Rand and its brands are committed to making our customers successful by providing innovative technologies and services so that you can lean on us to help you make life better.

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