Founder of Gaabor Introduced the Core Technical Concept at the Second Entry Strategy Meeting in Asia Pacific Region of Gaabor


MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, people have paid more and more attention to health management as well as healthy diet. Recently, Gabor Lorenz, the founder of the German home appliance company Gaabor, introduced the core technical concept of Gaabor’s star product, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer, at the Second Entry Strategy Meeting in Asia Pacific Region of Gaabor. Making healthier food with less oil or no oil is a major technological breakthrough to Gaabor.

For users, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer series brings them a “healthy, smoke-free, water-locked and fresh-keeping” diet solution. This air fryer can turn ingredients into tasty food with less or no oil. Gabor Lorenz said:

“I have always been interested in cooking and intelligent products. Gaabor’s products are also designed from these two starting points. With strong technical support, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer enables users to have quality and warm healthy dining experience brought by intelligent appliances.”

The Second Entry Strategy Meeting in Asia Pacific Region of Gaabor
The Second Entry Strategy Meeting in Asia Pacific Region of Gaabor

Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot circulating air guide system

With more than ten years of research in home appliances, Gabor Lorenz joined hands with the local famous German senior car designer in 2008 to apply the concept of fuel piping system in German premium car to the air fryer, which made the technology and cooking idea innovations in combination with Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot circulation ventilation system. They fabricated the leading intelligent cooking appliance – Gaabor smoke-free air fryer while upgrading the product performance.

Gaabor smoke-free air fryer uses 360-degree hot air circulation to cook food, with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Compared with the ordinary fryers, this air fryer can reduce the amount of oil by up to 75% and shorten the cooking time by at least 20%. It can ensure even heating and retain the water and nutrients of ingredients to the greatest extent, making the food tasty and fresh.

Accurate segmented cooking system and Oil-Fume filter system

As a well-known German household appliance brand, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer features accurate segmented cooking system besides intelligent temperature control and intelligent timing, which means that Gaabor smoke-free air fryer is able to provide controllable cooking process and improve users’ experience through accurate control in temperature and time.

Meanwhile, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer also stands out with its powerful oil filtering operation by its Oil-Fume oil filtering system. This technology can effectively filter the food oil during the cooking process, enabling users to cook healthier food with less oil.

The series of Gaabor smoke-free air fryers relies on German innovative technology, pays attention to people’s cooking and eating health with intelligent and intimate technologies, thus providing users with pleasant experience of cooking healthy and safe food.

Gaabor, share delicacy dass love.

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