Sailor Sunscreen—great on the water, great on the land too!

By Our Reporter

What is good for sailors in the harsh conditions on the water in Australia, is also very good for people on the land, for everyday use or out on the cricket pitch in the hot Aussie sun.

It’s very good for young and female skin with the generous amount of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E included in the formula. Your skin feels pleasantly dry and not sticky or greasy. And girls—you look and feel great wearing it!

Sailor Sunscreen is the culmination of our search to find the best sunscreen for sailing, we couldn’t find one, so we decided to produce our own.

We wanted a sunscreen that you didn’t notice you are wearing, but one that did the job properly and also gave you something back in the way of a moisturiser for your skin.

Sailor Sunscreen fulfills those requirements and more. It isn’t thick and greasy, you don’t look or feel like you are wearing it—not that it matters too much on a boat of yachties, but there are some of us, especially the fairer sex that want to look good while they enjoy outdoor activities and Sailor Sunscreen allows you to achieve that.

We spent a year trialing different formula, looking at different packaging, sizes and production facilities. We wanted a really good 50+ sunscreen that was most suitable for sailing, where people are getting spray on their face and sweating a lot, it had to be tough yet gentle on the skin and feel good while you wear it. Sailor Sunscreen today is the most preferred formula by many.

The Australian Sailing Olympic team selected Sailor Sunscreen for our athletes and we also supply Water Police and Search and Rescue—so you know it’s good.

It’s water resistant for 4 hours and retains it’s SPF rating for up to the same period.

It’s available in 1 litre Pump, 500ml Pump, 250ml Fliptop, 60g Tottle and also Jumbo Lip balm, online for both retail sales and also for wholesale enquiries. | Call Simon Grain on 0413 870 046 for more information

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