Tiffany Gemstone Lamps by the Secret Garden (TSG 1895): a Perfect Harmony of Nature, Heritage and Quality Craftsmanship


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To meet art and design enthusiasts’ love for classic pieces, The Secret Garden (TSG 1895) presents a delectable collection of gemstone lamps and decorative accents inspired by the very first Tiffany lamp.

Well-known Malaysian interior design KOL iko in is also one of the collectors of TSG 1895 lightings.
Well-known Malaysian interior design KOL iko in is also one of the collectors of TSG 1895 lightings.

A beautiful iconic lamp that blends art and decor, the Tiffany lamp is celebrated for its exquisite stained-glass craftsmanship since it first made its appearance over a 100 years ago. Created by Charles Lewis Tiffany, then handed down to his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the Tiffany heritage is all that and more, seen and admired in a range of decorative products proudly owned as heirlooms and passed on lovingly to new generations.

Taking cue from the exceptional classic beauty of this decorative icon, The Secret Garden (TSG 1895), brings the true spirit of the Tiffany lamps to life with a new range of masterpieces that dazzle with their remarkable glow that can never be reproduced anywhere.

Established in 1998, TSG 1895 aims to pioneer a new genre of decorative lighting masterpieces through the use of gemstones. “We have been working quietly since 1998, determined to find the best possible way to express the excitement and sumptuousness of gemstones in designing unique lamps and decorative panels. Call it research and development if you wish; we call it the search of the artist for an intimate understanding of his medium,” the company says.

Their search for the highest quality gemstones has taken them around the world to obtain only the best elements for their collection. Every single piece of gem is carefully selected based on their unique formations in colours, pattern and purity of the stones. TSG 1895’s stringent criteria has always been to only use the finest possible gemstones with exquisite artistic value to create lamps that glow with rare beauty.

To do so, the company works with a collective of artist and artisans, craftsmen with an affinity for treasures of the earth, those who have worked deep in the mines as well as master diamond cutters to produce the best pieces possible. It is important that their craftsmen understand the intricacies of light and refraction and colour and since 1998, many of them has learned to handle and shape the stone in unique ways while discovering the secrets of these stones.

“Working with our artisans in gemstones are others who are adept in working with copper and bronze, fashioning the elegant bronze bases that hold up to the TSG 1895 gemstone lamps. Their work is no less value, blending harmoniously with the radiant beauty of the lamps that they support,” TSG 1895 remarks.

Nature is the muse and inspiration behind TSG 1895gemstone lamps. Each lampshade is a presentation of the finest attention to detail complemented by a pure love for nature. Upon closer look, there are many motifs and elements symbolising nature on the lampshades, for example flowers, plants, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, hummingbirds, and peacock feathers.

These artistic representations are fully reflected in the light when the lamp is turned on, illuminating spaces with a poetic effect that speaks volumes of the creator’s appreciation for Mother Nature. Apart from the lampshade, lifelike references to veins and textures of tree roots, trunks, and leaves form the base of the lamp. To create a more cohesive piece, geometrical motifs complement the nature-inspired design in an organic way – which means no two Tiffany lamps are alike.

Currently, TSG 1895 offers a breathtaking collection of Tiffany gemstone lamps ranging from table lamps, pendant lamps and floor lamps to floushmounted lamps as well as elegant panels which serve as mosaic wall art and Art Nouveau wall art. Each of their collections comes with a certificate of authenticity that ensures their individuality and value, as well as its origins from TSG 1895 USA.

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