Overseas Shopping Spree on Double Eleven, Multiple Special Offers From iHerb to The Bonus Hunters


HONG KONG, Nov.12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — During the Double Eleven Day, many people start their shopping spree not only at home but also beyond seas. From the end of last month, a large number of cross-border online shopping websites and products had begin their warm-up. Among them, iHerb ,as a famous and popular brand of heath care products, had also offered the customers various kinds of preferential discounts and promotions. In order to create a significantly easier shopping experience for the customers, it has planned an interesting activity theme and process as the best feedback.

Nowadays, the conventional and plank preferential policy could not win the clients anymore due to the more and more fierce competition. Only if we combine the amusing and new idea with the promotion strategy can we get favor of the customers. With the Double Eleven opening, all of the dear fellows have get ready to go on a shopping spree. In the meantime,iHerb has prepared huge benefits for you,either.During the event, only if you use the exclusive discount code “DOUBLE11” on the shopping settlement page will you get a twenty two percent discount, without any limit or threshold.

Double Eleven -- iHerb offer a 22% discount  without any limit and threshold
Double Eleven — iHerb offer a 22% discount without any limit and threshold

iHerb, being a famous brand of health care industry,has a lot of sub-brands which are widely known by the cross-border online shoppers. For instance, MuscleTech as a sport nutrition brand,Gerber as a maternal and infant products brand,and Crystal Star as a herbal nutrition brand, etc. All of these brands and products have become increasingly significant to the shoppers .

As for what is next, please let me recommend some excellent and reputable products for you:

I Sport nutrition series products:MuscleTech、Six Star

  • MuscleTech
    MuscleTech was born 21 years ago , as a unique sport nutrition brand who has a hundreds of patents. With other more than two hundreds of patents are applying for, MuscleTech stands still on the top of the market rank just because of its concentration on scientific study. A relevant point worth mentioning, there always is a part in each dollar of its income would be applied to the frontier scientific study, that makes it such successful in the past 21 years.
  1. Nitro-tech WHEYGOLD ,strawberry(5.53 lbs)
    Featured product. The protein consists of the patented formula( hydrolysis whey protein,detached whey protein, 97% highly-purity whey protein) and protein concentrates. It is apparently a high quality product.
  2. Muscletech performance series,  Nitro-tech WHEYGOLD ,vanilla cream,2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
    As the existing brand who has produced protein from the early years, MuscleTech has a very good reputation among the customers. If you were calling for a protein supply and getting some satiety at the time without physical training, you could choose this one, and you may need some time to get adaptive to the strange taste.
  3. Mass-Tech advanced whey,milk chocolate,7.05 lbs (3.2 kg)
    This carbohydrate consists of 4cereals, isomaltulose, glucose polymer. It is right the choice of thin persons!
  • Six Star
  1. Six Star,N.O. angry,elite series,60 granules
    The core competitive product!It can help us compound NO, which can expand our blood vessels and increase blood flow obviously. Hence we can get much more energy and improve our athletic ability.
  2. Six Star,elite series ,100% whey protein Plus,triple chocolate,5.00 lbs (2.27 kg)
    This protein consists of 100% whey protein。It contains 30g protein ,8g carbohydrate and 1g saturated fat in each 49g whey protein. Therefore it is always used after you taking exercises.

sport nutrition series -- MuscleTech, Six Star
sport nutrition series — MuscleTech, Six Star

II Nutrition and health series:Crystal Star,California Gold Nutrition,Jarrow Formulas, Now Foods

Which brand is the best of nutrition and health series? Crystal Star,California Gold Nutrition,Jarrow Formulas, and Now Foods are all well known by the customers. I will introduce them separately as following:

  • Crystal Star
    During the period of COVID-19,Chinese herbal medicine has come out of china and recognized by the world for a time. Meanwhile the concept to address both the symptoms and root causes is widely accepted by the world . Crystal-Star has a company philosophy with using herbaceous plants, which is interlinked with traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore Crystal-Star products are suitable for Chinese customers.
  1. Crystal Star, lever cleanse flushing tea,3 oz(85 g)
    18 whole herbs detoxify mixture formula,improving lever activity,blood cleanse.
  2. Crystal Star,defense fiber,60 capsules
    Many women are bothered by the gynecological inflammation in the daily life. The recurrent attacks of these diseases not only disturb them but also probably causes infertility. This product has 17 whole herbs natural mixture formula, which could assure the health of breast and womb. It also play a important role in blood cleanse , dousing inflammation and recovering health organization. If you get some troubles about some disease like myoma of uterus, uterine polyp, chocolate cyst etc., you could choose this product. Or other, you could take this capsules for couple of month in advance if you were ready to become pregnant but bothering with gynecological inflammation in the meanwhile.
  • California Gold Nutrition
  1. California Gold Nutrition, omega-3,superior fish oil,100 gels
    obvious effect on cardiovascular health.
  2. California Gold Nutrition, vitamin C,1000 mg,60 capsules
    faddish vitamin C。
  • Jarrow Formulas
  1. Jarrow Formulas, quercetin capsules,500mg,100 capsules
    Quercetin is widely used in biology,and it has antioxidant effect,anti-fibrosis effect, antineoplastic effect ,antiviral effect etc.. This product is used to lower blood pressure and protect cardiac muscle from ischemia reperfusion damage. It could ease pain and has obvious anti-diarrhea effect, either.
  2. Jarrow Formulas, organic apple vinegar,liguid 16 oz(473ml)
    This apple vinegar of Jarrow Formulas is a kind of natural juice fermented by yeast and saccharomycetes. The content of enzyme , protein and microorganism is strictly reach the standard. You should shake it off before you drink it because of the fruit sediment. Therefore the apple vinegar is exactly belong to the natural health care products.
  • Now Foods
  1. Now Foods, optimal efficiency omega-3,180 soft capsules
    This fish oil product is highly adaptive to the people intestines ad stomach.
  2. Now Foods, optimal efficiency vitamin D-3,5000 international unit,120 soft capsules
    For the stay-at-home type of people who are lack of physical training, this product could help you make a supplement of vitamin D!

nutrition health series: Crystal Star, California Gold Nutrition, Jarrow Formulas, Now Foods
nutrition health series: Crystal Star, California Gold Nutrition, Jarrow Formulas, Now Foods

III Maternal and infant series:Gerber,Childlife

  • Gerber

    highly recommend:Gerber,Grow Mighty ,integrity compound vitamin,for children over two years old,60 gums
    This vitamin gum which offers the baby component nutrition is widely recognized by pediatrician. Mixed with many tastes such as cherry , grapes, strawberry,orange etc., this vitamin gum satisfies all the children taste buds. 

  • Childlife
  1. ChildLife, liquid calcium with magnesium,natural orange taste,16 oz(474 ml)
    This product sells well both at home and abroad. Among all the children calcium products in iherb, there is only a few ones which conform to the four standards: liquid+good taste+citrate+calcium&magnesium&zinc&vitamin D. Overall consideration, this one is worth recommending.
  2. ChildLife, Essentials,echinacea supplements,natural orange taste,1 oz(29.6 ml)
    With a good taste,it could both be mixed with juice or drunk directly by children. It also works well when our children catch a cold and cough.

maternal and infant series: Gerber, Childlife
maternal and infant series: Gerber, Childlife

IV Personal care& beauty care series:Mild By Nature,Aveeno,Mad Hippie

  • Mild By Nature
  1. Mild By Nature, North American Witch Hazel ,unscented facial treatment mist ,alcohol-free,4 oz(118 ml)
    a new toner with mist spray and alcohol-free, easy to take, easy to multi-scene switch.
  • Aveeno
  1. Aveeno, Active Naturals,daily moisturizer,perfume-free,18 fl oz (532 ml)
    native nourish, non-greasy. Adding the oats (which Aveeno is famous for) protect our skin from desiccation.  The oats preserve moisture and help to keep our skin soft and supple.
  2. Aveeno, Active Naturals, Moisturizing Bar, Fragrance-Free, 3.5oz
    Fit the dry skin people perfectly for daily use. With the sweet oats taste, you could lightly rub some fine foam with your hands. Without artificial color and essence, all of your family members can use this product when both taking a shower and cleaning faces.
  • Mad Hippie
  1. Mad Hippie Skin Care Products, moisturizing treatment mist,4.0 oz(118 ml)
    18cative substances,specially adding two moisturizing factor,which could decrease pigmentation and protect our skin from appearing  darker and getting sunburned.

personal care & beauty care series: Mild By Nature, Aveeno, Mad Hippie
personal care & beauty care series: Mild By Nature, Aveeno, Mad Hippie

V Food & seasoning series :Simply Organic,Frontier Natural Products

  • Simply Organic
  1. Simply Organic, Curcuma ,2.38oz(67g)
    Curcuma, as a seasoning preferred by Asian chefs,has a warm mouthfeel, a bright color and a spicy taste. The most original one, it makes the curry powder even more different. That is why it becomes your frequently-used spice.
  2. Simply Organic,versatile seasoning ,2.38 oz(67克)
    This product covers all the well known and be loved seasonings. It keeps some essential and unique taste of these spices. They integrate mutually without any conflict. No matter when you cure some meat, make some soup,make dipping sauce or salad, or, bake food and fry food, it is suitable for any scene in the kitchen.
  • Frontier Natural Products
  1. Frontier Natural Products, organic Tellicherry black pepper,1.76 oz(50g)
    This product keeps the original taste of pepper. Piperine is the main components of the Black pepper, the aromatic oil in it also helps us remove the fishy flavor and helps digest either . This sweet fragrance is the same reason we have a good appetite.
  2. Frontier Natural Products, multi-role seasoning,salt-free,1.2 oz,34g
    This product is mixed with many common spices, such as onion,parsley,basil,lemon peel,thyme,garlic,red bell pepper,citric acid, lemon powder etc.. As we know, the spice contain citrus is suitable for making soups.

food & seasoning series: Simply Organic, Frontier Natural Products
food & seasoning series: Simply Organic, Frontier Natural Products

Double Eleven,iHerbs offer a 22% discount without any limit or threshold; another 20rmb cut would be given once your purchase up to 400rmb and paid by Ali pay.

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