Bucking The Trend, The Top Branded Variety Retailer MINISO Expands in India


GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On October 18, 2020, the world’s top branded variety retailer MINISO officially opened its new store in Shubhash Nagar, Delhi, India. With the outbreak of the global pandemic, the number of stores in The Indian market has not decreased but increased. Now, more than 140 stores are located in different districts of India.

Agent Mr. Abhishek with MINISO managers in Shubhash nagar MINISO store
Agent Mr. Abhishek with MINISO managers in Shubhash nagar MINISO store

The new store is located in Shubhash Nagar, a prime location for shopping in India. More than 250 brands are gathered here. The MINISO store in Shubhash Nagar has an area of 109 sq.m and its products are over 1,500 SKUs with Hundreds of IP products. Products such as cosmetic cotton, body spray, facemask, comb, and facial mask that are popular with consumers can be purchase at the store. The first 100 customers of the new store get their surprise opening gifts on the first day. and let customers really feel the three brand DNA ” Affordable high quality”, “Joy”, ” Lighthearted”.

Integrating into local, and maintains the strategy

MINISO always tries to integrate into the local market and interact with local consumers better, the store not only has regular products but also specially prepare the festival products for local cultural characteristics, such as Diwali, the one of the most important festival. These good-looking products with high-cost performance make the local consumer feel the unique “people-oriented” business model of MINISO. At the meantime, MINISO also prepares coloring game and waiting for customers to participate in store.

To deepen the Indian market, MINISO insists that more Indian consumers can enjoy products with high appearances, high quality at a good price. During the pandemic, the Indian team of MINISO increased the local sourcing, to ensure the supply of commodities, and keep the products update frequency, and offering tempting discounts.

Multi-channel marketing and expanding

Due to the pandemic, social media platforms have become another channel of life consumption for most people. MINISO superior products have been favored by many influencers in India, and share their recommendations about MINISO items.

MINISO has its own WhatsApp community for every store in India, recommending and release product coupons becomes one of the daily online marketing activities. At the same time, the MINISO stores began to carry out the live stream and show product usage features and scenarios in an interestingly way, to provide consumers with a quality online shopping experience.

Also in October, MINISO opened the Anna Nagar store in Chennai, with an area of 130 sq.m. Under the global pandemic, two new stores in the Indian market were opened successfully within a month. Throughout October, MINISO opened new stores in several places, such as in the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Colombia, Spain, France, Cambodia, and Saudi Arabia.

Until now, MINISO as a lifestyle product retailer, offering high quality household goods, cosmetics and food at affordable prices. MINISO has opened more than 4,200 stores in over 80 countries and regions in just 7 years. As a product-driven global creative retailer, MINISO pays attention to interacts with consumer marketing through multiple channels. Because MINISO has deep insight into the young consumer groups and is good at developing products according to consumer preferences in different markets around the world. Therefore, it can bring a more relaxed, pleasant, consumption experience to consumers.

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