Belle Cosmic Manufacturing Presents Portable UV Disinfecting Cases for the Cosmetic Packaging Industry


No More Viruses

HONG KONG, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The coronavirus pandemic has made hygiene a topmost priority, with many people opting to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with them so that they can disinfect their hands anytime, anywhere. Belle Cosmic Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, SAR China, has taken this safety measure up a notch by coming out with the Portable UV Disinfecting Cases for cosmetics products.

Ultra violet facility at production lines ensure the hygiene of products as well as dehumidification
Ultra violet facility at production lines ensure the hygiene of products as well as dehumidification


An excellent management system is indispensable to ensure the superior quality and reliable service
An excellent management system is indispensable to ensure the superior quality and reliable service

Showcased during the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, these cosmetic cases uses ultraviolet C (UVC) light with a wavelength of 220-280 nanometers to kill 99% of germs in as little as five minutes. A study done by Hiroshima University researchers found that UVC light with a wavelength of 222 nanometers, which is safer to use around humans, effectively kills 99.7% of the SARS-CoV-2 viral culture after a 30-second exposure at 0.1 mW/cm2. The study is published in the American Journal of Infection Control.*

The 222 nm UVC light cannot penetrate the outer, non-living layer of the human eye and skin, as such it won’t cause harm to the living cells beneath. This makes it a safer but equally potent alternative to the more damaging 254 nm UVC germicidal lamps used in disinfecting healthcare facilities.

Belle Cosmic Manufacturing’s Portable UV Disinfecting Cases come in three sizes and designs – the foldable case, small case and brush case – and they serve as an ideal storage for makeup products as well as other personal belongings such as keys, glasses, money, etc. With these cases, one can go about their activities with peace of heart and mind, without having to worry about whether germs are lurking on their lipstick, face powder, sunscreen, keys are other personal times, thus posing a risk to their health.  


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About Belle Cosmic Manufacturing

Established in 1995, Belle Cosmic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is known for its high quality products, prompt delivery service and competitive prices. Its factory, located in Dongguan, China, specializes in manufacturing sewing bags, paste works and handicraft items, and is involved in other processes including printing, hot-stamping, debossed items and metal accessories production.

The company is SEDEX and ISO 9001 certified and strictly follows the EU standards and compliance in its manufacturing and processes. It designs and tailor-makes products according to customer’s specification and requirement, serving a wide range of clientele from all over North and South America, Europe as well as Asia. Among them are renowned brands such as Jo Malone, Coach, Sisley, Dior and Thierry Mugler.

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