Melton Council candidate Ajay Pasupulate hoping for change

By Our Reporter
Ajay Pasupulate

With the Council elections in Victoria beginning October 6, Ajay Pasupulate (1), candidate for Cambridge ward, Melton City Council, hopes to keep working closely with the community and deliver what is needed, should he get elected.

Ajay who has a long history in working with the community, hopes people will support him in his endeavour to make Melton the most liveable suburb.

The IT professional-turned businessman is very clear about his objectives. He wants to advise Council to develop new IT platforms and marketing strategy to promote council services and address issues 24X7 service.

Ajay’s vision also a TAFE college in Melton, better transport links between Caroline Springs to Melton and to new estates, and more childcare and day care centres in emerging new estates.

He believes that the new community groups need access to big community halls, sports and leisure centres. Along with the growing community is also the need for medical centres in emerging estates.

Importantly, Ajay also wants to create equal opportunity for people from all ethnic backgrounds and also empower and engage women through forums and workshops.

Ballot papers will be posted to residents from Tuesday, October 6. Your papers need to be posted to reach the VEC by 6 pm, October 23.

In order for your vote to be valid, you have to place a number in every square of your ballot paper as shown, place your ballot paper in the envelop provided, and sign and date your ballot envelop and place it inside the pre-paid envelop. Voting is by postal ballot and compulsory.

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