Wyndham City calls on State Govt to fund building of Sayers Road train station

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Mayor Cr Josh Gilligan believes it will reduce congestion and boost economy of the region 

Wyndham City is calling on the State Government to fund the building of the Sayers Road train station in Tarneit to reduce congestion on the City’s roads, and a lack of parking spaces at Tarneit Railway Station.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Josh Gilligan recently asked the State Government for Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) funds to be allocated to the construction of a new train station at Sayers Road.

“This train station is one of several urgently needed to not only meet the unprecedented demand for the rail infrastructure but to boost the economy of the region,” Cr Gilligan said.

In the 2018/2019 financial year, Wyndham Vale train station reportedly experienced a 20% increase in passenger numbers, while Tarneit train station saw a 17% increase.

“To support rail patronage and connection to stations, Wyndham City is looking into the feasibility of a Park and Ride trial from local neighbourhoods to Tarneit train station to address traffic congestion and a lack of parking at the station,” Cr Gilligan said.

The State Government will also be delivering an additional 500 spaces at this station, which will help relieve some pressure. “But we still need to explore alternative options because these spaces will fill quickly once they are built and as demand returns. We could also look at expanding the Park and Ride service to incorporate the Sayers Road station and other train stations, where alternative connections and sustainable choices are currently limited,” Cr Gilligan said.

The new station is believed to be a similar size to the currently-constructed Moreland station, which is estimated to cost $20 million.

“We know from the latest published figures by the state that there is upwards of $79 million sitting in the Victorian Treasury that can be used to fund Sayers Road train station,” Cr Gilligan said.

“In a recent Victorian Auditor General’s Office report, Managing Development Contributions, it stated that the GAIC funding lacked an overarching strategic approach to selecting areas of greater needs and benefits,” Cr Gilligan said.

“One of the solutions to this was active participation from councils to identify projects for the funding, and we are making sure we put forward our most vital and beneficial infrastructure projects to receive our fair share of GAIC funding.”

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