Keys to surviving the lockdown

By Siddharth Suresh

2020 has certainly been a strange year and we’re now half-way to the next year. Time certainly flies. But life goes on, whether in lockdown or not.

So, here we go. Some great news to begin with. One of our writers—Indira Laisram—has been awarded the Judith Nielson Institute grant to research and write stories on Indian migrants and the diaspora in Victoria. Laisram, a media professional with a double Master’s degree (English from NEHU, India, and Social Policy from the University of Melbourne), has more than 20 years’ experience in writing.

In this issue, Indira has written our cover story, an interview with Supriya Singh, an honorary professor in the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University, whose research focuses on ‘The Violence of Money’ among the Anglo-Celtic and Indian communities in Australia and the sociology of migration and remittances. The story details the financial abuse that goes on within closed doors and how it is going to increase because of the economic fragility where both men and women are losing jobs.

Financial abuse, legally, is part of the definition of family violence, and Covid-19 has led to increased calls from women experiencing family violence. The article also talks of warning signs to financial abuse as well as how women can get help.

Parenting too has changed in times of the pandemic. We have an article on helicopter parenting which is pretty prevalent at this time since most kids are at home now. Some parents are emotionally very sensitive and become anxious when they see their child hurt or disappointed, so they do everything possible to prevent this from happening. Helicopter parenting does have some short-lived benefits but there are more disadvantages. As children become older, for instance, they start doubting their abilities because they never got the opportunity to figure out solutions to their problems on their own. For anxious parents, it’s a great read.

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