JULO Support for Customers during COVID-19 Pandemic


JAKARTA, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The outbreak of COVID-19 which has lasted more than 3 months currently hit Indonesia’s economy on a larger scale. PT JULO Teknologi Finansial (JULO), an Indonesian based Fintech P2P Lending, initiated several programs to help individuals affected by the pandemic. JULO which has been granted official business license from The Financial Services Authority (OJK) last month responded to the pandemic through loan restructuring options for borrowers facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19, and appreciation for customers who committed to pay their loan amidst the situation. JULO has officially licensed as a lending service provider under Financial Services Authority/Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) circulation No KEP-16/D.05/2020 on 19 May 2020. JULO has enabled thousands of loan restructuring by end of June 2020 and currently still facilitates restructuring requests from customers impacted by COVID-19. Those applications will go through a strict verification process and require approval from the lender before the loan can be restructured. “Covid-19 disrupted a significant population in Indonesia, including JULO customers.  We hope this loan restructuring program can help our borrowers who are currently experiencing hardship,” said Adrianus Hitijahubessy, JULO’s CEO & Cofounder. PT JULO Teknologi Finansial (JULO) also gives a token of appreciation to customers who diligently made their repayment on time during a pandemic situation. Customers who received the appreciation package in June share positive feedback about this initiative. “Thank you JULO for this appreciation package, this is very useful for my new normal essentials. Hope the very best for JULO,” Untung Sugianto expressed his gratitude. Beside building relationships with customers, JULO utilizes this appreciation moment to educate customers to be responsible borrowers.  On top of those acts, JULO facilitates online repayment from home during the physical-distancing period through mobile banking and internet banking. This shows how the company supports #DirumahAja (stay-at-home) campaign to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus. In addition, JULO allows Partial Payment option which allows customers to repay their loan in smaller amounts frequently, to ease the burden when the payment due date approaches. PT JULO Teknologi Finansial demonstrates how they care for customers during COVID-19 pandemic through real actions. Creating impact for society has always been its mission since it was established three years ago. Beside COVID-relief-programs for its own customers, In Ramadan 2020 JULO donated food staple packages (sembako) to support informal workers who were economically hit by pandemic. Adrianus highlights, “Since the very beginning, JULO was established by native Indonesians to create impact for Indonesians. Beside our vision to support financial inclusion across the country; JULO Peduli COVID Program, be it loan restructuring, appreciation for good customers, or donation for society in need, is our part to help Indonesia survive from this crisis. We believe Indonesia can conquer this pandemic when we are all doing our part.” About JULO JULO is a digital lending company that is revolutionizing access to financial products for millions of emerging consumers in Indonesia. The Company has developed the first digital data-driven credit underwriting and risk assessment platform to process consumer loan applications and determine their creditworthiness using its mobile app. Founded at the end of 2016, JULO has expanded nationwide. JULO is based in Jakarta and is backed by leading venture capital firms. JULO has officially licensed as a lending service provider under Financial Services Authority/Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) circulation No KEP-16/D.05/2020 on 19 May 2020. JULO has been downloaded by more than 1 million users and distributed loans to hundred thousand of customers. JULO has won several awards namely; Winner Indonesia Fintech Festival (2016), Winner UN Fintech Challenge (2018), and Winner of Inclusive Fintech 50 (2019). For more information, please visit https://www.julo.co.id/ Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20200630/2845039-1?lang=0 Related Links :https://www.julo.co.id

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