The road to recovery

By Our Reporter

We’re half a year into 2020, and who would have thought the excitement of beginning a new decade would turn into a nightmare. Covid-19 is clearly here to stay, but what is the way forward for economy? As people, businesses and governments want to get life back on track, the ideas have begun trickling in.

As you will read in The Indian Sun, the Australian Workers’ Union, for instance, is calling on all Australian governments to commit to procuring Australian steel and other products for upcoming infrastructure builds.

National Secretary Daniel Walton believes Australia could kickstart its post-Covid economy with 53,000 new jobs simply by going down this path.

It’s definitely a way forward.

Good news in the restaurant business, as after a couple of months of closure, restaurants, pubs and cafes in Victoria will start reopening from 1 June. The protocol is in place in terms of social distancing rules—restaurants will have to limit themselves to 20 customers at a time per enclosed space. It will be tough on business, say restaurateurs, especially for the smaller eating places, but it’s still a start.

Meanwhile, in some heartwarming news, Raghbir Singh, an Indian, who was stranded in Australia when on vacation, finally made it home to Amritsar thanks to coordinated efforts between the Australian government and Air India. Singh says he never imagined his holiday would turn out like this but adds that it definitely counts as among his more memorable vacations.

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