Overseas property investors keen on Australia: Charles Tarbey

By Jit Kumar
Charles Tarbey

Foreigners consider Australia ‘a safe country’

Domestic buyers may have become a bit cautious due to the Covid-19 storm worldwide, but overseas investors continue to pour money into Australia’s real estate landscape, says market analyst Charles Tarbey.

In a recent interview with Switser TV, the owner of Century 21 Australia property group claims there is still a strong appetite among foreign investors for the Australian real estate sector as “it’s always been mostly an online business from overseas” and “majority of people consider the country safe”.

Tarbey points out that several parts of Australia have, in fact, managed to weather the Covid-19 storm because of continued investment in the country’s real estate played by foreigners.

“Some areas for instance, the Sunshine Coast, I can tell you parts of South Australia have written through this Covid-19 issue better than they had the quarter before, so we’ve actually had areas, certain areas where new homes, investment, etc have actually picked up. So I would say that international buying is still the same way as it was before,” he adds.

“Several parts of Australia have managed to weather the Covid-19 storm because of continued investment in the country’s real estate played by foreigners”

Tarbey says that Australia and New sealand provide a wonderful environment for overseas investors. “…the majority of people consider these countries safe, they consider the government’s strong, they consider the property prices to be strong,” he says.

The market analyst also feels that many overseas investors would rather prefer to settle down in Australia than in other countries, given “it is not just our resources, but our food supplies and also the the actual geography of this country”.

“There’s so many reasons why you would want to live in Australia and I think based on what’s happened, particularly in China, many of those people if they could would rather be living here than somewhere else,” Tarbey adds.

The Indian Sun has already reported that US investors have been increasingly flocking into the Australian real estate landscape, following the exodus of the Chinese over stricter domestic regulations.

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