4 in 5 women say their skincare products don’t live up to their claims, study

By Our Reporter

If you think your skincare regime isn’t producing results, you’re not alone. New research from a nutraceuticals company has revealed that nearly all Aussie women feel their skincare products don’t deliver the full results they claim. This prompts the question: is it time for Aussie women to consider alternative approaches?

The research—an independent survey of 1,010 Australian women commissioned by Australian-made nutraceutical line Entity Health (entity-health.com)—aimed to understand how women feel about the efficacy of their skincare products for various skin concerns.

Nearly four in five (83%) respondents said their skincare products claim to produce more results than they do. Despite this, 34% of women admit their skincare does improve the skin conditions they want to treat. Among the age groups, this accounts for 34% of 18-29 year olds, 38% of women in their 30s, and an equal 32% of those in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Two-thirds (67%) of respondents admitted that their skincare products do not improve the skin conditions—from dryness and dullness, to pigmentation and rosacea—that they are seeking to treat. One in three (35%) said their skincare products do not improve their skin at all.

Entity Health COO and medical spokesperson Dr Janakan Krishnarajah says: “It seems to be common knowledge among Australian women that skincare products won’t necessarily treat their skin concerns, even when those products target specific concerns.” Dr Krishnarajah said with significant advances having been made in the skincare industry, women can consider options beyond topical treatments.

“Inside-out approaches, such as natural supplementation, are becoming increasingly recognised and taken up as an alternative method of addressing specific concerns such as skin dullness, skin spots and pigmentation,” Dr Krishnarajah.

Surprisingly there are some skin conditions that are more likely to be prevalent among older age groups, but which younger respondents were more concerned about. When asked about the skin conditions they want to address when purchasing skin care, one in five (22%) of under 30s and just 16% of over-60s want to treat skin dullness. Seventeen per cent of under-30s want to reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation, compared with an equal 10% of those in their 50s and over-60s.

The age group most concerned about sunspots are those in their 30s, with one in four (24%) purchasing skincare to address this specific concern.

Dr Krishnarajah says, “Skincare supplements incorporate active ingredients to address specific skin concerns. Entity Health’s LumeniX supplement uses the active ingredient of glutathione to address the problem of hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sunspots and freckles.”

MelaniX is a skincare supplement that features nicotinamide to address the negative effects of sun and UV damage to the skin. “Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and drinking water regularly can also help skin health,” Dr Krishnarajah says.

Entity Health is a line of Australian-made nutraceuticals developed to improve specific health and skin conditions at a cellular level. Its supplements—containing ingredients from food sources or naturally occurring in the body—help to manage lifestyle-based conditions, delay the onset of age-related conditions, and improve wellbeing. Since it was launched in 2017 by its Singaporean publicly listed parent company, iX Biopharma, Entity Health sells 13 nutraceutical products across 5 countries.


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