Leading from the frontline

By Siddharth Suresh

She’s a true business powerhouse, she appeared twice on Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People In The World’ list and held the top spot on Fortune’s ‘50 Most Powerful Women In Business’ list for four consecutive years. Indra Nooyi, the former PepsiCo head, who grew the brand’s revenue from $35 billion to $63.5 billion and share price by 78 per cent, will be in Australia this June. And everyone’s excited.

Nooyi, who is now on the Amazon board, will be here thanks to Australian business events provider The Growth Faculty for two exclusive dinner events, sharing her experiences from the frontline; driving sustainable growth during times of disruption, the power of design thinking and innovation and the business of brand reinvention. This promises to be a one of a kind event. Anticipations are high.

Also, in this edition of The Indian Sun, it’s time to meet Sunny P Chandra, an Independent candidate from Victoria, who believes that the regions hold the key to growth. The engineer from IIT Kanpur, who worked in IT for decades, and now does pro bono work for refugees and domestic violence cases, believes that his policy of redirecting international students to the regional areas is economically sound and at no cost to the taxpayer. He has developed a unique proposal combining international students, Immigration and regional opportunities, which could assist regional growth and development, reduce urban congestion, and channel funds into the region at no cost to the taxpayer.

Meet Manu and Archana Salaria who speak about how it was the fear of being broke that spurred them on to create successful businesses in property development. Manu co-founded property development company Global Constructions in 2018. Also, Sanjay Deshwal, migration agent since 1996—one of the first Indian Australian agents to register with MARA—who has over the years, helped hundreds of people follow their dreams, and embrace a new life.


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