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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Misha Mahendru

Misha Mahendru | Entrepreneur

A young entrepreneur who has been successfully balancing her commitments to family as a mom and towards her duties as CEO of successfully running ‘Sacred Heart International College’ in Melbourne, Misha Mahendru started her life from a small town in India.

Misha completed dual Master’s degrees in India and helped establish many branches of one of the now renowned universities from scratch and started making an impactful difference in the education industry.

She then moved to Australia to explore and learn more. Her energy and intelligence opened up similar opportunities in Australia and she joined hands with multiple college owners in Melbourne to help them grow their institutions.

Her dedication, commitment, energy and born leadership skills have been perfect ingredients in making her rise faster. In her early 30s, Misha is today one of the youngest NRI CEOs in Australia.

“My tip to entrepreneurs is to believe in your dreams regardless of circumstances and stay persistent and focused towards goals,” says Misha.

The way I see it

My advice… All it takes is baby steps to let the universe unfold the chapters of life for you. As they rightly say, where there is a will, there is a way!

A leader I admire… Michelle Obama. She is an inspiration in managing well her duties as a lawyer, a mom, a wife and First Lady

My goal as an entrepreneur… to create a life which can touch, move and inspire. I don’t think I would like to retire early

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